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Biafra Urge Nigerians to Begin Telephone War Against Senators

biafraFollowing an unconfirmed list of the Nigerian senators and their phone numbers released online earlier this month, a report from on the internet says that the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) have urged Nigerians to start a telephone war against their senators by bombarding their lines with calls and text messages.
The unconfirmed, released by Sahara Reporters, was believed to be published in order to ‘bring familiarity between the people and the lawmakers.
According to the internet report, the IPOB urged Nigerians to remind the senators of their responsibilities by calling them from Monday, April 25, till Friday, April 29.
The group, in its bid to intensify for the fight for separation, said in a statement on Saturday that people should also remind the senators that Biafrans have killed nobody, on the contrary, they can be good neighbours.
“Biafrans, we must go further to call the Zoo-Nigeria senators, since they have claimed to be blind. Remember how they fought when Biafra was mentioned some weeks ago. We must remind them of their responsibilities hence they have failed to stand up to their responsibilities. “Remember that they are talking about the creation of Islamic state in quest of Boko Haram, the most deadly terrorist group which is one of the strategies of Islamizing the zoo Nigeria, how much more of we Biafrans that has not killed nobody? Call them to remind them that Biafrans has killed nobody, remind them of the price we have paid, remind them that we can be good neighbours.” the group stated.

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