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Beckhams Valued than Queen Elizabeth- Reseach

beckham and family

A research recently carried out has revealed that the family of the model and football legend David Beckham is worth more than Queen Elizabeth of England.
Researchers at the London School of Marketing have discovered the Beckhams are valued at STG470 million ($A1.02 billion), easily outpacing the monarch, who is estimated to be worth $STG340 million.
The study analysed the earning power of the retired soccer star and his singer-turned-fashion designer wife, Victoria Beckhams and their four children, including 13-year-old Burberry model Romeo and 16-year-old Brooklyn, who boasts more than four million followers on Instagram.
The school’s chief marketing officer, Anton Dominique said that the family’s name is almost printed everywhere “The Beckham brand has been used to advertise everything from designer clothes to satellite television and even whisky.”
“What’s also interesting is that the family name is almost as influential as any individual family member.” He emphasized.
According to the study, their assets include mum and dad Beckham banking a joint $STG40 million a year and they have built up a portfolio of assets worth $STG190 million.
Meanwhile, Victoria’s self-titled fashion label is valued at $STG60 million, and David Beckham’s soccer firm Foot-works is thought to be worth $STG150 million.

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