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Ayo Emerges Winner of MTN Project Fame Season 5

After a keenly contested edition of the MTN Project Fame West Africa Season 5,  Ayobami Ayoola has emerged winner of the sensational music reality TV show. As a befitting finale to weeks of hard-work and remodeling, the seven finalists performed their own composed songs to an audience waiting with excitement the eventual unveiling of the winner, last weekend inside the Ultima Studios located in Lekki.
 Ayo was outstandingly incredible. Spotting a white suit, the young man was most thrilling with his usual enchanting voice when he performed ‘Na Time’. Rich in Afro-beat, the song itself was a testimony of Ayo’s evolvement in the academy, which was apparent a day earlier when he sang alongside the academy season 3 winner, Chidimma. By emerging the Tv reality show winner, Ayo won a recording contract worth #7,000,000 in addition to a Toyota Rav 4 and a cash reward of #2,500,000.
 However, the first runner-up position goes to Marvelous Odiete, who was rewarded with #1,500,000 and a Toyota Corolla. Adetoun was the second runner-up. She was rewarded with a Toyota Yaris and #1,000,000. Ella, who was the surprise package of the academy, emerged the third runner-up and cart away #1,000,000.
 Some other highlights of the evening were the performances by such established musica stars like Stylplus, Chidimma and Flavour. The musicians added color to the Closing Gala.
 The MTN Project Fame West Africa, according to Larry Annette, Chief Marketing Officer, MTN Nigeria, is a definition of a company’s commitment to developing the people of its trading environment. For him, the academy gives expression to the talents and aspirations of West African youths who hitherto had no platform to learn and develop their musical talents. MTN Project West African connects youths to their dreams. Examples of youths whom the academy has helped to connect to their dreams are Inyanya, the ‘Kukere’ master; Chidimma who rocked the music industry with her hit song ‘Kedike’ and Monica whose profile is continuously rising.
 Moreover, the interesting aspect of this season’s show is the contestants’ evident camaraderie. This season will thus go into record as the most thrilling, expansive and innovative of all past editions.

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  1. 1 October 2012. 2:11am
    Dear President Goodluck Jonathan. Vice President Nnamadi Sambo. Senate President David Mark. House of Representative Speaker Tambuwal. Chief Judge of the Federation Chief Justice Aloma Mariam Mukhtar. The SSG Anyim Pi
    us Anyim. The President, CAN/PFN-Pastor Ayo Orisejafor. The Leaders, Nigerian Islamic Community and Organizations
    Members of the Civil Society Organisations. Members of the Media/Press. Fellow Great Nigerians. Happy 52nd Independence day…
    I remember when I left secondary school in the late 80s and I couldn’t proceed to higher institution of learning immediately just because I didn’t pass all my papers, I was advised to an industry call Polamp Nigeria Limited somewhere in Ekiti State, Ikole Ekiti to be précised. I worked there as a factory worker and we were producing bulbs that were even exported then but suddenly after few years, the company closed down. I didn’t understand the reason behind the closure then until I finished my higher education and started understanding some abnormalities in our country like corruption, power failure and other factors. But one of my role models then who was a manager in the same company made me to realize that the primary problem with Polamp then was the organizational structural foundation of the company and so when the storm came, it couldn’t withstand it but to pack up. Hence, I ruminated over our great country, Nigeria at 52 and I write this letter to my other 169million Nigerians home and in diaspora.
    NIGERIA – “If the foundation be destroyed or faulty, what can the righteous do”,
    If we will move forward at all, President Jonathan and co must deal with the structure of Nigeria now! 98 years of existence as a country and 52 years after colonial independence. We pray this foundation doesn’t sink suddenly. Amen. Remember, when a foundation of a building is bad, the only two options available is either to collapse the building and start to build afresh or you continue to patch the building until one day the foundation will sink the building.
    There are many questions we need to ask ourselves if we actually want to secure the future of our beloved country, Nigeria, we must learn from history because a people without history has no future. Don’t forget MARRIAGE is not by FORCE but by CHOICE.
    The British colonial masters did three major experiments which I call JUMBLED NATION, which means confused or tangled democracy. The first one was when they joined 15 subnational soviets countries together and formed USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) in 1922 after the RUSSIAN revolution of 1917.
    In the late 1980s the last Soviet leader, Mikhail Gorbachev sought reforms in the Union, introducing the policies of glasnost and perestroika in an attempt to end the period of economic stagnation and democratize the government. However, this led to the rise of strong nationalist and separatist movements. By 1991, the country was in turmoil as the Baltic republics began to secede. A referendum resulted in the vast majority of participating citizens voting in favour of preserving the Union as a renewed federation. In August 1991, a coup d’etat by hardliners against Gorbachev and aimed at preserving the country, instead led to its collapse. On 25 December 1991, the USSR was dissolved into 15 post-soviet states. The Russian Federation, successor of the Russian SFSR, assumed the Soviet Union’s rights and obligations and is recognized as its continued legal personality. Today all had gone in piece.
    The second experiment was that of Northern and Southern Sudan. Also Sudan was a collection of small, independent kingdoms and principalities from the beginning of the Christian era until 1820-21, when Egypt conquered and unified the northern portion of the country. However, neither the Egyptian nor the Mahdist state (1883-1898) had any effective control of the southern region outside of a few garrisons. Southern Sudan remained an area of fragmented tribes, subject to frequent attacks by slave raiders. In February 1953, the United Kingdom and Egypt concluded an agreement providing for Sudanese self-government and self-determination. The transitional period toward independence began with the inauguration of the first parliament in 1954. With the consent of the British and Egyptian Governments, Sudan achieved independence on January 1, 1956, under a provisional constitution.
    The new constitution was silent on two crucial issues for southern leaders – the secular or Islamic character of the state and its federal or unitary structure. However, the Arab-led Khartoum government reneged on promises to southerners to create a federal system, which led to a mutiny by southern army officers that launched 17 years of civil war (1955-72).
    Since its independence in 1956, the history of Sudan has been plagued by internal conflict, viz. the First Sudanese Civil War (1955-1972), the Second War (1983-2005), culminating in the secession of South Sudan in 2011, and the War in Darfur (2003-2010).
    Because of continuing political and military struggles, Sudan was seized in a bloodless coup d’état by colonel Omar al-Bashir in 1989, who thereafter proclaimed himself President of Sudan. The civil war ended with the signing of a Comprehensive Peace Agreement which granted autonomy to what was then the southern region of the country. Following a referendum held in January 2011, South Sudan seceded on 9 July 2011 with the consent of Sudan. Now the next nation experimented by the British Lords is Nigeria and my question is, are we going to allow their mathematical permutation and combination destroy our future?
    I am not campaigning for divorce between the two nations because I so much love this nation to the point that we cannot allow foolishness, mediocrity, deception as a shadow of wisdom.
    We need answer to the question; are we married together or we married ourselves in 1914 by the selfish British Colonial masters who pretended to give us independence but still holding the rope tied to our waist to themselves especially economically. Who named our country NIGERIA? A husband, wife or concubine? What is the purpose for the name?
    MARRIAGE is to be ENJOYED and not to be ENDURED. Are we enjoying the amalgamation that took place some 98years ago or we are just patching our faces.
    * At 52, were former colonial states like Singapore and India still groping in the dark?
    *If Rome was not built in a day, did it take 52 years? *Is it worth celebrating the independence and why?
    *Nigeria at 52, our beloved Dr Adegbite (79) of Nigeria Islamic Community died just yesterday because of the state of our health sector and Canadian Embassy refused him visa 2 months ago to travel for treatment. After 98 years of marriage and 52 years of independence, our children are still desperate to travel abroad not minding to go through the Sahara desert just to escape the hardship in the land while Our Leaders are busy stealing the public funds, sending their children abroad to school but leaving the poor behind to have their education inside dilapidated buildings around the nation. Have you seen Obama’s children coming to school in Nigeria? When did you ever hear that the Prime Minister of Britain is on medical admission in LUTH?
    Malaysia came to pick palm kernel seed from Nigeria in 1979 and by 1999 (20years later) Malaysia became the largest producer of palm oil globally. We just honoured one of our youths with National Honour who is the best car designer in the world but we can’t produce a bicycle. Our own Ibo son is the second in command in power generating plant in Germany but yet darkness is our partner even during the day. Our land is blessed with Oil and co but we have to beg before we fuel our cars. We are among the top five nations that produce cassava but we are importing starch. WHY?
    Has our inheritance not turned to strangers and our houses to aliens (Some foreigners)? Are we not orphans and fatherless, and our mothers widows in our own land? (Think about Shell and other oil companies in Niger Delta) Have we not drunk our water for money and our wood being sold back to us with times five of the original price?
    Now, servants are ruled (imposed) over us, we are buying food with the stress of our lives. Our skins are black like oven because of the terrible famine. Our women are ravished, rubbished, garnished with rape and vanished in beauty.(by some foreigners) There is no more honour to righteous elders and youths but to the manipulating ones. The joy of our heart is ceased and our dance is turned to mourning. Our Parents are no longer interested in MORAL VALUES but MONEY VALUES, to the point that parents are now dashing their daughters away to 419ers, ritualists, yahoo-yahoo men, visionless politicians and so on. Our leadership platform has society has become a den of armed robbers and empty headed vessels. God of heaven give us RIGHT LEADERS not just GOOD LEADERS.
    SOLUTION…DIRECTION: It has been said times without number that a man without DIRECTION is a man without DESTINATION. At this critical point of decision of our beloved country, after a long period of research. I realized that this present government inherited 90% of our problems and for this government to leave a meaningful, positive legacy and posterity, behind for generation-next, President GoodLuck Jonathan and his cabinet including the House of Representative members and Senators are advised to call for immediate NATIONAL CONFERENCE (Citizens Dialogue) to actually sit down and review our Nation and fashion out our own CONSTITUTION. Any machine without the manufacturers’ manual of operation will soon pack up. You can’t use the manual of a Honda Motorcycle to operate a Toyota car, it will underperform. We can’t continue to run our national machine with an alien manual, what we will get at the end of the day is colossal failure. It is clear that an UNIDENTIFYIED FLYING OBJECTS can only operate successfully in BERMUDA TRIANGLE and no Aero Contractors carrier or British Airways carrier can go to Bermuda Triangle, the end will be disastrous. So at this point, I will like to say that PLACES don’t make PEOPLE but it is PEOPLE that make PLACES, therefore let us come together as a people from different tribes but with one voice and sit together to map out the way forward for our Nation especially for the unborn generations.
    Great Nigerians, before the different problems happening in our nation will disintegrate and scatter us, I wish to state strongly as a citizen of this country, Nigeria and a National Reformer that we gather together and talk like brothers and sisters. Let us check and fix our FOUNDATION so that we can have a SWEATLESS ELEVATION
    God has blessed Nigeria already. May Nigerians realise this and walk with this reality. Amen
    gbengademujimi (Pastor Gee) KingsHill School of Discovery. National Reformation Centre 07039714664. [email protected]

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