Apostle Anslem Madubuko’s wife, Connie dies


Pastor (Mrs.) Connie Madubuko is the wife of Apostle Anselm Madubuko who turned 50 years in 2008 is dead. The stylish woman who is fondly called Pastor Connie was said to have died of heart attack in Lagos last Friday at a Private hospital while her husband is away in America for evangelism. Sources said that she developed a heart complications at home and died shortly before proper medical attention could come. The death news however was said to have sent jitters to the entire church as most members contacted refused to comment on the death rather admitted that they were confused. She was a woman  who went through thick and thin to ensure that her husband’s ministry took root.  Married for at least two decades, the ebony skinned mother of three spots a patch of grey hair on her low cut mane. A very stylish woman, she displayed an undying love for designer frames, bold jewellery with particular emphasis on her earrings
Anselm Madubuko who was born on 25th July 1958 is the apostolic leader and founder of Revival Assembly Ministries international ( The New Anointing) with the vision to raise vibrant, dynamic spirit filled, matured and prosperous people. He was ordained and mentored by late DR. IBENEME. He hails from Ihiala in Anambra State, Eastern part of Nigeria. He graduated from the University of Nigeria, where he read Architecture. The apostle went into private practice and was doing well before he answered the call into full time ministry at age 33.
The husband, Anselm Madubuko, the President of the New Anointing World Outreach (NAWO) a preacher, teacher and apostle of the gospel of Jesus Christ is preoccupied with the kingdom and is kingdom minded. His preaching usually is full of power leading to revivals, deliverance, healing and salvation of souls. The unique gift and fruit of the holy spirit he manifest has taken him to many continents of the world which include – America, Europe ,Russia and Africa.
Under his apostolic ministry, yokes are destroyed, burdens removed by the power of the Holy Spirit. Diverse miracles and signs and financial breakthrough have been recorded under his dynamic ministry.
Apostle Anselm Madubuko, a man of God, devoted to serving the Lord and whose lifestyle reflects his devotion. He, like Apostle Paul refer to himself as a “bondservant”
of Jesus Christ, He does not seek to please men with his preaching (Gal 1:9-10) He preaches the word of God with power and style, breaking it down so simple and practical, the way the average person can relate with, again, his heart for God is essentially that of a worshipper. A man of God with a warm personality. He injected life into music in the body of Christ because of his passion for music.
Apostle Anselm Madubuko declares the word of God fearlessly and is not bound by race, tribe, language, denomination or congregational- numerical strength etc but faithfully doing what God called him to do- stir up revival and wake up the sleeping church. He distastes complacent and lukewarm Christians thus his preaching provokes warfare and moves people out of being cold to hot Christians.  He is a man of prayer, often referred to as a prayer machine. A man of few words but of astute perception and has an outstanding zeal for God.  He is a convener of the popular AZUSA CONFERENCE ( a conference tailored towards digging the wells of revival),  a conference that attracts reputable men and women from within Nigeria and abroad because of its inspiring messages and concert (Azusa Jamz)
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