Another Luck picked on The Street, From Street Child to Supreme Court Intern

morrisMany people go to mountains and spiritual gatherings to prayer for what they call sudden favour, help, breakthrough or opportunity and it is like the heaven ha let loose and poured down the sudden opportunities prayed for. First, it was the Nigerian lucky Agege-bread hawker, Olajumoke, who unexpectedly became a widely accepted model without any academic qualification and has been making it in big time; even graduates, who had strived so had to become known as model or in their various disciplines couldn’t have got a rapid recognition as the lucky lady did.
Apart from the heart pumping story of the Nigerian latest model, luck has brightened the future of a 15 year old Kenyan boy, Morris, who from roaming the street for survival became an intern in Supreme Court to pursue law career.
Just last week did BBC Africa reported that a 15-year-old street child street child had blown the Kenyan press away with his astute observations about his life captured in this YouTube film: In the film Morris observed that the main thing blocking his success is the lack of opportunity.
He also said he would like to become a lawyer.
Now Kenya’s Citizen newspaper reports that the country’s Chief Justice Willy Mutunga asked to meet Morris and he has been invited to be an intern in the Supreme Court.
The Homeless of Nairobi organisation, who received the invitation from the chief justice, gave more details about the meeting on their facebook page that “Morris was also handed a signed copy of the constitution of Kenya and he will now proudly read it out to the other boys at our home and teach them the lessons he has learnt in an effort to pay it forward.”

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