Tontoh Dikeh, Yvonne Nelson Fight Over Iyanya!

Fans Angry at Iyanya For Dumping Yvonne For Tontoh

The controversy that has just sprung up over the lyrics in popular Project Fame West Africa Winner, Iyanya’s single, “All He Wants Is Their Waist”, may have torn two popular actresses in Nollywood apart. And the bone of contention is who really is Iyanya’s flame at the moment. Prior to the release of the fast-selling single, Iyanya has been in a sizzling romance with Ghanaian born Nollywood actress Yvonne Nelson, until the bug of the lyrics caught up with yet another frontline Nollywood actress with countless tattoos, Tonto Dikeh. The story making the rounds now is that Tonto Dikeh may have swiftly snatched Yvonne Nelson from the only wave-making Project Fame product, Iyanya. What makes the issue more enthralling is that it was after Iyanya released the controversial single ‘All He Wants Is Your Waist’ that an affair allegedly ensued between Iyanya and Yvonne; an affair which did not even last six months before Iyanya dumped her for ever controversial Tonto Dikeh, who we gathered is now reveling in her new tryst and dalliance with Iyanya. The battle has now been stridently shifted to the internet as to who actually is the lady in the life of Iyanya. Several comments posted on the internet are of diverse opinions, with most negative about Tonto, while some still doubt whether Iyanya has actually dumped Yvonne. It has thus sparked off the question whether dating an actress is now a national sport. Perhaps that is what Yvonne Nelson seems to be accusing Iyanya of by engaging in a series of heartbreaking tweets. Even some angry fans have drawn their dagger at Iyanya by blasting him thus: “You must be a fool for dumping Yvonne Nelson for Tonto Dikeh”. They are angry that the Kukere master has now found a home in Tonto Dikeh’s heart. But most of those against this new development believe it wouldn’t have been a bad thing if Iyanya was lonely and had found Tonto; but leaving Yvonne for Tonto, they believe is an inexcusable mistake. But trust the hot and sexy Nollywood actress as she replied Yvonne Nelson and her sympathizers on her tweets, “after reading a tweeted sub-headline, Iyanya dumps Yvonne for Tonto and the broken-hearted actress cried out” – “I’m happy I earned that Right. Sincere apology to the hurting party, people change and so does feelings, moving on is the great virtue that takes you to Your PROMISED LAND” says Tonto. Even with Tonto Dikeh’s reaction, some fans will not stop as they still tweeted why Iyanya will dump Yvonne for Tonto. A sympathizer even tweeted at Iyanya, asking him if he smokes Igbo, for doing what he did. However, the bottom line is that aside the waist palaver as depicted in Iyanya’s lyrics, what baffles one is why a lot of people should think Tonto is not good enough for Iyanya. Of course, Tonto loves scandals and she doesn’t shy away from being peeped on, maybe that has affected her public image in a very bad way, but no doubt, Tonto still remains a very beautiful Nollywood star anyone will love to be with. As at the time of filing in this report, Iyanya has not said much on the protracted issue; maybe he is enjoying ball the game, accusation and counter-accusation that are playing out. But if it is all about waist, we cannot say from here whether all Iyanya ever wants in her babes is their waist. It’s Yvonne’s turn now, and Tonto is supposedly the apple of Iyanya’s eye now, but for how long will her waist continue to excite Iyanya before another waist comes on board.

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