Alhaja BOLA KADIRI Down With Stroke!

She used to be a formidable player in the Cargo consolidating business at the old Domestic Airport and NAHCO shed in Ikeja, Lagos. Then, she held sway with her Obokun Bola Dare Nig. Ltd, (OBD) as the foremost Cargo Carrier Company in the aviation industry. She is Alhaja Mariam Bolajoko Kadiri, the Iya Adinni of Nigeria and Yeyemeso of Ilesha among many of her several titles; on account of here many philanthropic gestures and religious in the Islamic faith. Her word was law then, as she called all the shots in every sphere of life she found herself, much to the chagrin of her competitors and allies because of the abundance of wealth and affluence at her behest. Now, Alhaja Bola Kadiri is suffering from a debilitating stroke infection, which has kept her incommunicado to all that used to come to her for one favour or the other. We gathered from all sources available to us that, Madam Bola is not in any way gaining good health because of her past non-challant attitude to her workers at most of her companies. When News of the People tried to conduct a very small interview with Madam Bola, she could not even recognize who was talking, let alone identity the addresser. Madam Bola, you will recall has been married severally to three men in the past, the last of which was Alhaji Dikko Kadiri, now dead and a retired custom officer. She was also married to one retired police officer, Izegwire who had a son, Dele, now dead too. Alhaja Bola Kadiri is known to be a very good giver, and has been of help to many individuals; her present state of health should now call for concern from the Muslim community because she has been of tremendous assistance to the Muslim gender. When we tried to contact those who are close to the Madam, all their lines were dead. At any rate, we wish Madam Bola Obokun, who used to be Eunice Aluko as a Christian in the days of yore at the Eternal Sacred Order of Cherubim & Seraphim in Oyadiran, Sabo, Yaba, Lagos. The Ilesha-born woman is credited with two children one of who is dead, the maternity of which remains very controversial. Madam Bola must be grinning from hand to mouth now because of her past shady deals. Her companies include Obokun Travels at TBS, OBD and a Hotel in Lagos Island where her Zaire clients usually lodge for onward transmitting of their luggage to Kinshasa.

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