Akingbola, Ibru storm social scene


Having maintained low profile after their ordeals in the hands of the Economic and Financial Crime Commission, EFCC, and their subsequent sack from their plum jobs, Erastus Akingbola and Cicilia Ibru both Managing Directors of defunct Intercontinental and Oceanic Banks respectively are both set to take their rightful places back in the social circle. Before his travails Akingbola was a crowd pusher and his bank always dictates where the pendulum of the banking industry will swing to. Immediately after he regained his freedom via court process, he practically went underground perhaps to let the tension die down or to take stock of his many allegations trumped up against him. But this man of mean is gradually putting the whole brouhaha behind him, when he stepped out last week to attend a social function . He was spotted at a weeding where he was claded in native attire exchanging banters and greetings from friends and former associates.
The Amazon of banking industry was equally putting behind her the humiliation and public embarrassment she contended with at the height of her problems. Cicilia Ibru is gradually finding her foot back in the social circuit. She was also spotted at weeding function last week looking trimmed with a little shed of weight. For many years she directed the affairs of the defunct Oceanic Bank and was variously applauded for her seemingly proficiency before the allegation of financial impropriety levied against her and her subsequent jailed. Friends and associates distanced themselves from these two bank former chief executives possibly for fear of arrest or accomplice, and may be not wanted to be seen as friends who partook in the largess they are charged for.

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