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AdweF Berates Senate On Gender Bill

A Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) called Advocacy for Widows Empowerment Foundation (adweF) a Non Governmental foundation on widows’ rights and empowerment has added its voice to the growing number of condemnation by the public over the recent Gender Equality Bill that was thrown out by the senate.
The Bill, sponsored by Senator Afonja from Ekiti State, never got a fair hearing before it was discarded by the house.
AdweF, in a press release signed by its Head Communication and Evaluation, Dele Ojo, opined that “Women they say, are the bed rock of every society, behind every successful man their is a woman”. With all this accolades even repeatedly said by men, one is forced to ask , at what point in our life time will women be given their right place and recognition in our society.
AdweF further stressed that “if the bill was given a proper hearing by the Senate, inhuman treatments against widows as a result of cultural and religious beliefs would have being well debated and resolved by deleting those grey area’s that still permits such primitive practices in some parts of Nigeria. Widows in Nigeria are being denied privileges like right to properties, child custody, stigmatisation, shaving of hair, drinking of corpse water from the dead spouse, lengthy and painstaking traditional rights inhuman mourning period and many-more.
The NGO also wonder why in this modern day and time, considering the level of education and awareness in the world Nigeria is still Lacking behind in reforming its laws on issue’s like protecting widows right and gender equality as entrenched in our constitution.
Adwef, however, emphasised that widows have the right to be heard, respected and enjoy the fruit of their labour which is never accorded them as a result of conservative and inhuman principles perpetrated on widows under the ugly guise of religion and culture. This practices must stop because we are all one and equal before the eyes of God our creator. AdweF would also like to encourage all stakeholders on gender issues to rise-up and speak with one voice against the anti promoters of the gender equality bill in Nigeria.
In Advocacy for widows Empowerment Foundation, our mission as an NGO is Providing a voice platform for action on the concerns of widows, social justice, poverty reduction and sustainable development practices.

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