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Abuja Renews Effort to Tackle Child Pneumonia

There is renewed commitment to tackling pneumonia in Nigeria’s capital city, Abuja, with the procurement of vaccine two years after it was officially included in the nation’s immunisation schedule.
Children who are less than a year old are more likely to come down with pneumonia.
The ailment accounts for 20 per cent of all deaths among children under five years.
The Acting Secretary of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Oder Acho, announced the availability of the vaccine in Abuja on Friday.
At the flag-off of the ceremony, she assured parents in the capital city that the vaccine was safe, available and free.
“The FCT attaches great importance to vaccines’ quality and potency and therefore takes issues of vaccine whole-chain logistics seriously.
“With the support of the partners, there are functional zonal refrigerators in all the 62 wards of in the FCT to address stock-out of vaccines in the last three years,” she told a gathering at the flag-off ceremony.
She said it was targeted at children as young as six weeks old.
Officials of the FCT also stressed the need for the vaccine to be administered at the appropriate time and only by trained professionals.

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