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S K Abiara’s daughter, LEAH spends millions on boobs enlargement

The General Overseer and founding pastor of Christ Apostolic Church, CAC, Agbala Itura, Pastor S.K Abiara must be giving a thought to what to what his daughter Leah, has been up to lately.

Information reaching this magazine has it that Leah, his daughter, with fondness, is said to have squandered a fortune on her breast enlargement and buttocks in god’s own country, United States of America.

According to our very reliable source, the operation for the breast enhancement took place just in earnest before her high octane wedding in Ibadan last-year. The wedding was well-attended by the high and mighty, on account of Leah’s father’s connection. Leah, the US returnee who has spent the better part of her life in Uncle Sam’s country is allegedly believed to have squandered a whopping U$10,000 on the surgical operation in an upscale hospital in the USA.

The much respected man of God’s daughter, we gathered, had inklingthat the operation might have a negative effect on her in future, but did not care a hoot about these effects; instead she went ahead for the expensive operation in big preparation for the wedding.

As you are reading this, Leah’s present appearance portrays how big and bogus her breasts are, while are buttocks are very mouth-gaping; no thanks to the result of the silicon and other chemicals that must have been administered on her during the operation.

If you must know, Leah has been popular and very current like Naira and Kobo in the ancient city of Ibadan on account of her extravagant and lavish lifestyle, the source of which no one can fathom.

But we can tell you that Leah is stupendously rich that she dictates the pace for other richly-endowed ladies in the Pace-setter State calledOyo.

She boast of a garage filled with wonders on wheel and the tall, leggy lady stops at nothing to spend the American currency, Dollars, just like the Nigerian equivalent Naira, as if they will soon go out of circulation.

Before Leah got hooked to her equally controversial husband, Tunde a.k.a Nero, the two were allegedly fingered in one dubious act or the other, and Leah’s father Pasor S.K. Abiara a man of God as it were, as never bothered to look in this direction, which is now what places a question mark on whether the father really cares about the daughter. We leave our readers to draw their conclusion on this piece of information as Leah continues to live her life in very questionable circumstances that do not fall in line with her father’s calling. Her paternity we are sure of as in S.K. Abiara but her maternity is somehow shrouded in mystery.


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  1. This is a pathetic issue .she may be prophet ELI’S CHILD of this generation.please pray for her.

  2. you are very stupid > bcos she is pastors daughter does she mean she cant be who she likes? what is so bad abt this ? u crucify her and ur own hand deed is worst and by the way this is false so shut the hell uo adeolu olubunnmi and stop judging oponu

  3. you don,t need to judge her like that what we should as nigerian we should put hands together and prayer for mercy that God alimhty should change her mind for good remmember love your neihbour as thy self, you is to compare your seif as one of ur relative what would you do, God did not want sinner to die but to come to repentance. so pray for her. one way and other his father has pay for the nation that affect ur life postive today, pray for the peace of jerusalem, thanks

  4. We are in d end time already, dnt be panic ova her situation nw let pray for her so dat she wouldfo

    und herself in hell

  5. Please LEAVE HER ALONE ! Ah! ah!! She is an individual like any other person irrespective of who her father is. I doubt the genuineness of the story any way.

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