.2013 WILL BE BETTER THAN 2012 BUT… -Pastor Adeboye (RCCG)



.More Governors Will Die in 2013 – Ayodele (INRI)


The year 2013 no doubt has commenced in earnest and almost one month gone. Quite characteristic of Nigerian pastors every year vis-a-viz their predictions, prophecies, visions and fortellings, 2013 has come under preview, nay predictions by some respected and top Pentecostal clerics in the country. Four of these are singled out for you in their usual annual prophecies. They are Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, (RCCG); Rev. (Dr.) D. K. Olukoya of Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries, (MFM); Prophet T. B. Joshua of The Synagogue Church of all Nations, (SCOAN) and Primate Elijah Ayodele of the INRI Evangelical Alaseyori Church.

Of course the thrust of most predictions they gave bothers on disasters, calamities and security except in some few cases of breathers and respites from the likes of revered Pastor Adeboye. We serve you highlights of their predictions for 2013 as released by them. Your juxtapositions of these predictions and conditions of these predictions and conclusion could go a long way in ascertaining the veracity or otherwise of these startling and shocking revelations for these foremost men of God. We start with Pastor Adeboye. Enjoy their predictions.


Pastor Enoch Adeboye has said that the New Year will be better than 2012, just as he said that Nigerians must pray fervently over some issues.

Pastor Adeboye added that the Federal Government must learn from past floods and major disasters witnessed in the country last year and take decisive precautions to avert a repeat, otherwise the country might be plagued with another set of major disasters.  Also, except prayers are intensified, prominent Nigerians may lose their lives just as it happened last year.  He summed it all up that 2013 would be a year of sings and wonders and would be better than 2012.

Speaking further, “The prayers of some of you minimized the death of prominent Nigerians in the last year, so don’t stop praying in 2013,” he noted.

Adeboye, who enjoined Christians to intensify their worship, praises, prayers and devotion unto God to access breakthroughs for this   year, said concerning Nigeria, that at the count of the sixth month of the year, many will say “hope rising.”   For individuals, the man of God said although there may be temporary setbacks in the lives of people, God would eliminate them and speak peace to storms in people’s lives as well as make their stars shine brighter in the New Year.

Generally, he said God told him 2013 would be better than 2012 in all facets.

On the international scene, Pastor Adeboye stated that besides major breakthroughs in Medicine promised in the New Year, God told him that nations that have promulgated and governed by “unholy laws” should expect a taste of God’s divine fury this year, even as he warned that weather conditions may get worse if prayers are not intensified.

According to him, intensive intercessions are needed to prevent death of prominent world leaders in office, as well as booby traps set for world famous church leaders.

“The Lord says prominent world leaders need lots of prayers so as not to die in office.  He says prominent church leaders all over the world need prayers against planned scandals,” Adeboye disclosed.


Notwithstanding the surge in violence in some parts of the country, the year 2013 has been described as one which Nigerians and even the government should approach with all known caution, as it will be full of human rebellion.

Also, the year will be inundated with mysterious happenings, disintegration and deceptions in high places, natural disasters and economic famine for the unrighteous and financial breakthrough for the righteous.

General Overseer of Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries, Dr. Daniel Olukoya made these remarks as part of his prophetic outlook for the year 2013.

According to him, while believers must be prayerful because of the violent nature of the year, he noted that two crucial things they must do is to pray that they should meet those whom God wants them to meet in the course of the year, and not to come across those whom God does not want them  to meet.

Olukoya, who described the year as that of ‘fresh oil, and distinctive  shining’ for members of the church, said 2013 is “A volatile year.  Very short tempered, that is why I call it a fragile balloon.  It is a dangerous year not to toy with.”

He said the year will serve as a year where there will be confusion in many countries, among politicians and where organized destroyers will split and begin to destroy themselves.

Olukoya, who cautioned actors and actresses in the entertainment industry to engage in serious prayers, noted that this is necessary to avert debt and death that may ravage the industry in the year, due to some satanic covenants most of them have entered into unknowingly.

He also said, “it will be a year of horrible sinfulness; dangerous year to play with sin; unusually turbulent year; uncommon lawlessness; a year special prayers are needed in fragile areas of the world; a year of rage of waters and seas against ungodly nations and people; a year of shaking against nations that support lawlessness; unbelievable betrayers; prayers are needed to arrest civil war in many places; a year of resurgence of wickedness; uncommon destruction for the sexually pervert.”


General Overseer of The Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), Prophet T.B. Joshua described 2013 as a year of judgment for politicians who rode to power on the crest of people’s support and later abandoned the same people, warning them to pray against death and sickness.

Joshua, in his prophecies for nations, continents and political leaders, said such politicians, especially those who got to power through the support of youths, would become helpless in the New Year and experience a plummet in their finances, in addition to being traumatized by sicknesses, diseases and deaths.

This is just as he said prominent nouveau riche and famous people in the country would suffer the same fate this year.

“I am seeing great famous popular and rich men and politicians becoming helpless in matters of sicknesses, diseases, finances and deaths.  One of the causes: they have failed to reward those who helped them to succeed.

“This is the year of judgment, especially for politicians who use youths to support their political ambitions without reward after winning power.  Tell your neighbor: reward those who help you succeed now,” he said.

The cleric also predicted that there would be an upsurge of natural disasters as well as increase in air and sea crashes, saying that only those who move close to God in the New Year would be spared the calamities.

It will definitely not be an all gloomy outlook for the year, as the cleric said those into sale of foodstuffs and farming would experience a boom in their businesses, adding that God had anointed these businesses to provide solutions to economic depression.

MORE GOVS WILL DIE IN 2013 –Primate Ayodele

The renowned seer, Primate Elijah Ayodele of INRI Evangelical Alaseyori Church was very emphatic in his own predictions. Hear him.

VP Namadi Sambo must not rest on his oars, as enemies are prepared to tackle his political relevance. He must be very watchful. Senate President, David Mark too and Reps Speaker, Aminu Tambuwal; I’m not foreseeing their political future so bright, Tambuwal especially. The Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ), must be very prayerful so that they will not lose prominent members to accidents. Some people will gang up against the creation of more States in Nigeria. The creation of States will be assented to but there will be serious crisis over that.

Nigeria will break. President Jonathan, insisting on contesting for a return to office in 2015, will create crisis for Nigeria; and the President needs a lot of consultations. I also foresee problems coming for the President from his home base and others he is relying on. There will be elections in 2015 but there will also be serious agitations for secession. People will clamour seriously for separation and disintegration of Nigeria. There will be clamour for federalism, parliamentary system and the regional system we have practiced in the past. So, there will be a lot of confusion in the land. The election will come up, and Jonathan will have a controversial victory. That victory will now cause Nigeria more problems than we ever can imagine.

President Jonathan will be bereaved between 2013 and 2014, I foresee that. All Nigerian First Ladies must pray very well against serous sickness and death. The Nigerian Governors’ Forum needs to be prayerful so that they will not continue to lose their members to death. I foresee that all the present Nigerian governors will not finish their terms in office. Some will die naturally, be impeached from office or die from different kinds of crashes. I foresee political turbulence in States like Kogi, Kwara, Benue, some parts of Lagos, some parts of Ondo, Jigawa, Delta, Rivers,Cross River and Abia. I also foresee communal and ethnicity crises in those States I have mentioned and States like Yobe, Kano and Kaduna.

I foresee that a deadlier sect than Boko Haram has arrived in Nigeria and is planning coordinated attacks that will shock and shake Nigeria. I foresee President Jonathan having a very serious health challenge. His political loyalists will stab him. And they will become his major obstacles. The government will not listen but I can tell you that God says there will be more serious bombings in Nigeria.

The president’s wife, Dame Patience Jonathan will have recurring health problems. Natural disasters will claim lives and properties in Nigeria and the world over. Africa, where it has not been happening, it will start happening now. Lagos Bar Beach will overflow its bank again and cause serious tragedy. Government, no matter how much money is sunk into it, it will keep happening unless the State government seeks the face of God. I foresee famine in Nigeria and there will be money without food to buy. In 2015, there will be political revolution. There will be serious revolt against imposition of candidates into elective offices. Adamu Ciroma should pray for his health. Obasanjo will stop being relevant in politics in 2015. Chief E.K Clark and President Jonathan will fight seriously. Jonathan’s return to power in 2015 will not work for the peace and progress of Nigeria. A Minister will resign from Jonathan’s cabinet. OkonjoIweala will fight with President Jonathan. Bombings will hit the Southwest of Nigeria.

Asiwaju Tinubu and Governor Fashola will fight seriously and this will create a crack in Lagos ACN against 2015.

Taraba State governor will not be relevant in politics if he returns to Nigeria. Enugu governor, Sullivan Chime should be prayed for to avert death. I foresee a former African President passing away. I foresee the death of a Nigerian top soccer player. ANTP should be prayerful to avert deaths of members in auto accidents. Atiku Abubakar should forget contesting for presidency. A one-time Ogun military governor will die unless he offers serious prayers. CBN Governor, Lamido Sanusi will become an Emir, but he must avoid politics so as to realize this dream. Nuhu Ribadu will be given a higher appointment but he too must avoid politics which will affect his future dreams seriously. PMAN will have to pray against losing a prominent member. Nollywood too should pray against losing any of its top members. D’Banj will be dragged to court and it will become a big challenge for him. TuFace will be blackmailed and be cheated. He will lose money in the process. So, the two of them need serous prayers. Winning the Nations’ Cup trophy, God showed me, will be between Zambia, Ghana, Ivory Coast and South Africa and Nigeria, but ego and psychological trauma will deny Nigeria the chance except Nigeria prays well.


A Bouquet Of Alleged Prophecies

By Bamidele Johnson

As last year crept to an end, I waited, rather impatiently, for what has become a staple among the country’s Christian community: yearly lashing of prophecies. The impatient wait, I have to admit, was caused by my hunger for amusement. The chance to start the New Year in a mirthful mode was not something anybody would pass up. I was, and still remain, greatly entertained by the harvest of prophecies which, as though on a carousel, were delivered at end of the year church programmes as well as in traditional and new media. Preachers, persuaded that God speaks with them on His direct line, have made their case-very strongly-for inclusion in the country’s entertainment industry. The qualification for inclusion? The pretended prophecies; those alleged God-inspired claims that bear a staggering resemblance to newspaper horoscope columns in their vagueness. I will provide a few here. On the Redeemed Christian Church of God website was posted a list of things presumably revealed to Pastor Enoch Adeboye, the General Overseer (the most chic title for the head of a Nigerian church).

Adeboye is a doyen of the country’s Pentecostal circuit; a man, who attracts admiration and adulation in commercial quantities. As published on the website under the headline: “Prophesy (sic) for 2013“, Adeboye presented what at best is a Petri dish of his personal wishes or desires and prayers for members of his church, Nigeria and the international community. If they were prophecies, they were pretended ones, worded in a way that they could apply to almost everybody and any situation.

In general terms, God, Adeboye alleged, revealed to him that this year will be better than.2012. In what way(s)? It was not announced. Other gems of inexactitude are delivered in the three categories into which the predictions were split. For the individual, he said: “No matter the darkness around you, your star will shine brighter.”; “God says He will speak peace to your storms”; “certain individuals have been stagnated for sometime, the reasons for your stagnation will become known, it will be addressed and will be eliminated, therefore progress will follow”; “in many senses of the word, this year will be a year of completeness”.

How the first three utterances qualify as prophecies eludes me. For the first, every reader of the Bible is familiar with God’s promise to deliver believers from the stickiest of situations-if they do His will. Just how Adeboye managed to persuade himself that this was just revealed is something I hope to ask him if and when i meet him. The second and third appear. to make promises, but still conform with the standard vagueness of the others. Both are up there with me being asked to predict a winner in a cup final and I open my trap to say I’m sure one team would win.

For the country, Adeboye said: “The prayers of some of you minimised death of prominent Nigerians last year, don’t stop praying”; “before the middle of the year, many will say hope rising”; “learn from disasters of 2012 and take precaution soonest to avert bigger ones”. Only the second promises anything, as Biblical prophecies famously did. Even then, it is painfully non-specific.

I have observed that the contemporary notion of what it means to be a prophet bears little resemblance to the prophets of the Old Testament. Frankly, it is a stretch to paint the first in this category as anything other than an authoritative counsel. And except Adeboyes listeners have the sentience of a tadpole-I am sure they do not-they hardly need God to reveal via the preacher that failure to learn from previous disasters could lead to bigger ones.

On the international scene, God told Adeboye that “prominent world leaders will need a lot of prayers so as not to die in office.” Really? Does it mean that they don’t require prayers against untimely death outside of office? Do untimely deaths in office cause greater grief than when leaders have left office? Prominent church leaders, the preacher claimed God told him, need prayers against “planned scandals.” It is equally amazing that prominent church leaders would require a prophecy to know that they need to pray against things that can cause them reputational damage and possibly bring about the collapse of their coveted ministries. Who doesn’t-if you are a believer-need such? Prayers, Adeboye continued, are needed to ensure we have more clement weather conditions in 2013. This, as well, is a non-prophecy; vague as vague can be. The next item was also on the prophecy menu in 2012. “We should”, Adeboye said, “expect a major breakthrough in medicine.” I do not know what, in his book, constitutes a major breakthrough. But from the little I see online and on television, there are major breakthroughs in medicine every year.

Also to the international community, Adeboye predicted that nations that “pass unholy laws will have a taste of divine fury”. The “unholy laws” were not operationally defined, leaving me to conclude that they must be in line with the Ten Commandments. Is this how to speak for God? I do not think so. Do our wishes and desires, however genuine, amount to prophecies? I have seen no biblical evidence for that.

Does the Bible have records of prophets spewing prophecies at the end of the year, especially given that the Gregorian calendar was not in operation in biblical times? Evidently not. Are preachers milking the anxiety of followers? That is my suspicion.

The anthology of vagueness produced yearly, in my view, bears a desire by preachers to dress themselves in the robe of men who speak with God, know His mind and could sometimes compel Him to do things. The establishment of confected prophetic ministries is inflected with a wish to ensure dependence on pastors. It is for this reason that some followers will not go to the toilet unless some divination- read asking a pastor-is done. Why do most pastors avoid making exact prophecies (person, event and time-specific)? My answer is that they do not want to be found out. Employing the Old Testament criteria for judging true prophets and their words would result in greatly reducing all of this free-wheeling prophetic hype we are currently being served.

The Biblical Joseph was a dreamer, but he was never approached to have dreams for his nation or individuals. He also never said: “I want to prophesy into your life” as though prophecies are drawn from holsters like guns in Western films. He simply had dreams given to him by God and relayed such.

Last year, as with those before it, many prophecies were made at the beginning but nobody asked for evidence of their fulfilment. Instead, pastor-dependent Christians continue-to go to the same unreliable sources for fresh ones. While driving last Monday, I saw a vendor with a publication named In-Sight. The headline, which attracted my interest, was 2013 In A Prophecy. It was clearly produced to mine the public interest and belief in the horoscope-like utterances of pastors. I bought one and I have found it richly entertaining. It contained the claims of another grandee of the prophetic business, Prophet T.B Joshua of the stupendously named Synagogue Church of All Nations. His bouquet of prophecies is also rich. God, he claimed told him that 2013 is a year of surprises. For who? I don’t remember any year that did not yield surprises, pleasant or otherwise. Joshua saw “many famous, popular and rich men and politicians” becoming “helpless and in need of help in matters of sickness, finances, death ete. And what year has this not happened? None in living memory. This, in his book, amounted to a prophecy! And as only he can, Joshua said God told him that this will be a year of many natural disasters like “motor accidents, sea sickness and air disasters!” That these fall under natural disasters suggests to me that Joshua is subnormal. It is certainly not beyond God’s capability to have His message delivered in a comprehensible way. Unless one is afflicted by sub-teen illiteracy, branding auto accidents, sea sickness et al as natural disasters should be nigh on impossible.

Joshua has a message for politicians-obviously after just discovering that failure to honour pledges made during campaigns could provoke anger. “This is the year of judgment for politicians who use the youths to support their political ambitions without reward after winning power”. Does Joshua want thugs lavishly rewarded-as that is what the Nigerian politician generally uses young people for? I don’t want to believe that God does not know that, given that He is omniscient. Neither does He need to be reminded that political reward system in Nigeria benefits and is operated by the vilest of us.

Admirably though, Joshua makes an attempt at prophesying, saying God told him that young Nigerians desirous of becoming economic refugees in foreign lands should invest resources earmarked for such in agriculture or “foodstuff business”.

“They will achieve greatness by transacting (sic) in agriculture and foodstuff and become successful in import and export business,” he said. Agriculture, he claimed, has been anointed this year. Guess there were some years God withheld anointing on farming. While I think that Joshua is parroting what economists have said for years, I am willing to wait to experience the predicted boom, which should not escape the attention of the local and international media and deliver enormous quantities of food for domestic consumption and export. Also, to an extent, Joshua has put his reputation on the line and provided a means of gauging the validity of his prophecies, something most preachers don’t dare do. Thumbs up!

But is it possible for preachers, claiming to hear from the same God, get contradictory revelations? For example, Dr. Daniel Olukoya, General Overseer, Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries, predicted that the country will witness “uncommon lawlessness,” with “mysterious happenings we never heard before.” Quoting the same God, Apostle Johnson Suleiman of Omega Fire Ministries, said: “Things will get better…it can’t always be like this. God has planted and strategically positioned people who are coming up with ideas that will revolutionalise Nigeria. Some of them might presently be abroad, being trained and groomed.” Did they consult the same God? Very unlikely.

This is already a pattern in the rash of “prophetic ministries” in the country. It is safe to assume, I believe, they speak to different gods or none at all. Why not, instead of claiming to be prophets who speak for God, don’t we simply. try to develop wisdom based on what God has shown us to be true in the Holy scriptures and teach accordingly? Guess that would leave the pews empty and stop the trickles of private jets from growing into a stream.

Johnson is the Deputy Editor of The News magazine


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  1. The earlier we begin to realize, as a people, the manipulations of these men of God of low IQs, the better for us. I find amazing and troubling, the unquestioning spirit of the masses and the fear and passivity that controls our minds. How do we expect the country to grow? How do we expect to come out of this caricature we have made of ourselves as black people?

  2. man u r 2 much.u r better than grisham.ur analysis is impeccable,ur style humorous.i kept laughing till the end of ur piece.hv u written any novels?ild love to get them.i believe in niger bcos of people like u.but u be comedian sha.tnks bros.u hv a style all ur own.pls johnson if u hv a colmn tell me.bcos of u ill buy any magazine.i am ur fan.

  3. Prophecies For 2014 By Prophet Olaye George

    Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets – Amos 3:7

    1. Thus saith the LORD GOD; the hearts of men shall be more frightened in 2014 for the horror in 2014 shall be great

    2. I shall visit several homes and break curses in families in 2014

    3. There shall be school shooting in the United State of America which shall take lives in 2014

    4. There shall be scandals in Roman Catholic Church, Celestial Church of Christ, Creflo Dollar Ministries, Deeper Life Bible Church, Synagogue Church of All Nations, COZA ministries, Living Faith Church Winners Chapel, Christ Mercy Land Deliverance Ministry, Word of Life Bible Church, Cherubim and Seraphim Movement Church, Christ Embassy, Presbyterian Church, House Hold of God Church, Benny Hinn Ministries, House on the Rock Church, The Lords Chosen Charismatic Revival Church, Omega Fire Ministries and Latter Rain Assembly in 2014. These churches shall try to conceal their scandals

    5. There shall be scandal in White House in 2014

    6. There shall be scandal in Catholic in 2014

    7. Terrorist threats shall affect flights in 2014

    8. There shall be plane crash in Nigeria in 2014

    9. An African President shall die in 2014

    10. There shall be releases of new vehicles and new electronics in 2014

    11. There shall be more threats from terrorist groups in 2014

    12. There shall be new discovering of ancient artifacts in 2014

    13. There shall be discovering of a new species of animal in Africa in 2014

    14. Hardship in some part of Africa and Asia shall be increased in 2014

    15. There shall be problem with the earth layer in 2014

    16. There shall be a great change in the atmosphere in 2014

    17. Some plants and animals shall be polluted in 2014

    18. There shall be a new disease in 2014

    19. There shall be attack in the United States of America in 2014

    20. There shall be bloody riots in Egypt, Greece, Turkey and Madrid Spain in 2014

    21. There shall be new release of LG, Apple, Black Berry, Samsung and Tecno new products in 2014

    22. Several states in Nigeria shall be attacked by unknown gun men which shall take lives in 2014

    23. Bangladesh, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, India and Pakistan shall be on fire in 2014

    24. There shall be riots in Brazil stadium in 2014

    25. There shall be secret war against Nigeria Government which will get violent in 2014. It is already at work right now

    26. There shall be attack at military base in United State of America in 2014

    27. People shall drown in Lagos Nigeria Beach in 2014

    28. There shall be earthquake in China, Japan and America in 2014

    29. There shall be terrorist attack in America, China, India, Nigeria, Iraq, Afghanistan and England in 2014

    30. There shall be flood in Nigeria which shall destroy lives and properties in 2014

    31. A hotel shall be on fire in the United State of America in 2014

    32. There shall be cyber-attacks in the United State of America in 2014

    33. Great storm shall hit United State of America, Japan and Australia in 2014

    34. There shall be building collapse in Nigeria which shall destroy lives and properties in 2014

    35. Objects from space shall hit United State of America and China in 2014. The Government of these countries shall try to conceal it

    36. There shall be great disaster in Adriatic Sea in 2014

    37. There shall be Influenza and Hepatitis outbreak in 2014

    38. There shall be fire in Benin City Nigeria in 2014. The fire shall spread and the authority shall be blamed

    39. Niagara Falls shall overflow and causing Niagara River floods in 2014

    40. There shall be volcano eruption in Peru in 2014

    41. Prophet Olaye George and his ministry shall move to Lagos, Nigeria in 2014

    42. There shall be landslide in China and United State of America in 2014

    43. HIV AIDS shall be on the increase in 2014

    44. Wild animal shall kill it owner in United State of America in 2014

    45. A great old monarch shall die in 2014

    46. People shall be trapped underneath the earth in China in 2014

    47. There shall be breakthrough in the cure for Diabetes, Cancer and HIV AIDS in 2014

    48. There shall be tornadoes in the United State of America in 2014

    49. The Pope shall be touched in 2014

    50. There shall be plane crash in the United State of America in 2014

    51. There shall be wildfires in Greece, Australia, California United State of America in 2014

    52. There shall be scandal in Nigeria Police Force in 2014

    53. The rate of unemployment shall increase in Nigeria in 2014. Several workers shall be laid off in Nigeria in 2014

    54. There shall be wide spread of Flu in China in 2014

    55. There shall be UFO sighting in United State of America in 2014

    56. Something very tragic shall happen to a United State of America President in 2014

    57. There shall be religious violence in Central African Republic, Tanzania, Kenya, Nigeria, Myanmar, Egypt and Iraq in 2014

    58. Massive grave with dead bodies shall be discovered in Mexico in 2014

    59. Billions of dollars shall be sent to Africa in 2014 to help Africans but corrupt leaders shall embezzled the money

    60. A famous business tycoon in the United State of America shall die in 2014 saith the LORD GOD

    He that have ear let him hear what the LORD GOD have said

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