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10 REASONS ‘AJIMOBI MUST GO’ campaign thicken

ajimobiThe political stage of Oyo State is charged and the man at the center is the governor, Senator Abiola Ajimobi. Things have fallen apart in his political structure and the center can no longer hold. At the moment, greetings among civil servants in Oyo state in the slogan of AMG, which stands for (Ajumobi Must Go). Investigation by News of the People revealed that most Oyo indigenes are in dissonance with Ajimobi’s government which most describe as government of the family, by the family and for the Ajimobi family. Among various reasons are:
1. Lack of Performance: it is a consensus that the governor’s performance is far less commendable. Few projects he said to have done are said to be a conduit pipe to siphon money and also to settle his political godfather. Whatever achievements he might have attributed to his government are quite not to the huge expectation of the electorates.
2. Mummy’s factor: A major influence in Ajimobi’s government is the wife, madam Florence Ajimobi who’s often described as the governor de facto. For every business in the, Mummy as she is often referred to must have an input, otherwise it may not see the light of the day. Common joke in the civil service for an important file to be treated with urgency is “mummy has interest”.
3. Promise and fail: Shortly after the governor was sworn-in, his first promise to the people of the state was to deliver a five-star hotel in Ibadan which he said would cost N50billion and take three years to deliver. As at last week, checks at the site of the hotel still remain as it was left after an elaborate foundations laying ceremony. Equally he promised to turn Agbeni market to a modern market hub with its traditional bubbling but nothing has been done in the last three years. These projects are among many he promised and not delivered and, or, may never be delivered.
POSTER4. Oyo North/Ogbomoso factor: the people of Oke-ogun and Ogbomoso which constitute Oyo north are of the opinion that they have been marginalized by the government of Ajimobi. Their offence according to investigation is that they voted for PDP during the last general election that produced Senator Hosea Agboola. Truly, aside various projects done by the previous government, Ajimobi’s government’s presence has been very passive in the area, though the deputy governor comes from the area.
5. Local governments: since the inception of the government, the governor has refused to conduct local government election. This is a situation that has also made his party faithful to shift allegiance and make opposition against his government thicker.
6. Alaafin’s fight: The ongoing rift between the governor and the paramount king, the Ikubaba yeye, Alaafin of Oyo, Oba Lamidi Adeyemi III is a major factor cited by many as a pointer on why Ajimobi must not return as governor. It is a common knowledge that the king played very fatal role in emergence of Ajimobi, hence fighting the Oba is seen as an act of ingrate by many especially the oyo indigenes.
7. Marginalization of political allies is also a major factor. Most of the governor’s political allies have been neglected while they now seek solace in opposition parties as potential game changers. A particular situation pointed at are other guber aspirants in the last general election who have been politically sidelined
8. Civil servants factor: civil servants in the state are miffed about the running of the government as they complain of incentives and motivation which they often get from previous administration. Most disturbing is the influence of his family in the affairs of the state which are obvious to the workers.
9. Historical factor: The popular axiom in Oyo state is that they don’t serve a governor two terms. Arguably, many tilt to this belief that Ajimobi must go and pave way for a new blood.
10. Last but not the least is the presence of Lagos contractors in all sphere of government’s businesses, thus neglecting people in the state. Most local contractors have also joined the slogan of A.M.G.
-Mosun Usman

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  1. when you have better things to report on, please do update us. AMG where? which civil servants did you survey? although things could have been better, its not as bad as you are portraying. oh i forgot, its 9ja news. first for rubbish

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