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​Your agitation is too late – Igbo lawmaker in Lagos tells Kanu, IPOB

– Jude Idimogu, the lawmaker from Lagos state, gives reasons he thinks the Biafran agitation is late in coming
– Idimogwu says it would be necessary for Igbo people to unite with other ethnic groups in the country
– He warns the southeastern people, Nnamdi Kanu and the Indigenous People of Biafra against heating up the polity
The only member of the Lagos state House of Assembly from the southeastern part of Nigeria, Jude Idimogu, has asked his people in the region to forget the clamour for Biafra.
Idimogwu said on Saturday, September 23, that it was too late for the people of the southeast to agitate for secession.
The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports Idimogu, a representative of Oshodi/Isolo constituency 2 in Lagos said: “As a full blooded Igbo man and a Nigerian, I believe, Igbo staying in Nigeria as an entity will prosper the Igbo nation better than pulling out.
“After the 1967 Civil war, the Igbo man started all over again to build up; now Igbo nation has made progress in terms of economy and politics.
“Though the Igbo nation has not reached where it is expected to be politically, we should dialogue rather than be creating war scenarios.
“It is too late to pull out (of Nigeria), Igbo nation has united Nigeria because they have businesses everywhere in this country.”
Idimogwu pleaded with Nnamdi Kanu and the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) to stay away from any action that could create enmity against Igbos around the country.
According to him, the Igbo people must now unite with other ethnic groups in the country to articulate their grievances and actualised their dreams.
“My children were born in Lagos and some of them don’t even know their state of origin, they speak Yoruba and so many Igbo children are like that across the north and west.
“We have our future in Nigeria. The only thing Igbo nation should fight for is political power not by creating war scenario but by merging with other nations/tribes in Nigeria – the northerners and westerners.
“Most Igbos, over 50 percent, don’t even believe in Biafra because they have counted the cost from 1970 after the war till 2017. No one wants to go back to square one; it is not possible.
“As a person, I am against it; what the Igbo man should struggle for in this entity are equality, fairness and justice, not pulling out.

“It is very late to pull out, it will be difficult because majority of us are not ready to fight any war; I don’t want to lose my life nor my sons and daughter in war; I believe we can make Nigeria our home.
“Kanu should calm down, unite with Ohanaeze Ndigbo, a tree cannot make a forest,” the lawmaker said.


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