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​Nikon marks 100 years, fetes photographers in Lagos

It was all glitches and flashes at the Nikon Nigeria Video and Photo Summit, as photographers and film-makers met to mark the 100th anniversary of global imaging company, Nikon.
The event, held yesterday in Lagos, was organised by New Creation Worldwide Link Nigeria Limited, the representative of Nikon in Nigeria, with about 400 photographers in attendance.
The parley was an avenue for interaction among lovers of digital photography, as well as an opportunity for veterans in the industry to mentor young photographers. Brand and Communications Manager for Nikon Nigeria, Richard Eko, said the summit holds about three times in a year, but that the event was a special edition to celebrate the centenary of the company.
According to him: “We engage photographers regularly. This event is for top photographers to teach and expose standard techniques to upcoming ones. This would help the young ones meet their goals and show them how the top photographers set up and put their stuff together and what has made them successful. We also use this opportunity to expose the attendants to the features of the cameras; how they should be used.
He noted that the turnout was wonderful and encouraging, adding that this was because Nigerians want to learn, improve themselves and acquire up-to-date skills to help them as they ply their trade. Eko said the increasing number of photographers would ensure that young Nigerians are engaged.
While urging young Nigerians to be patient to learn the basics of the trade so as not be half-baked, he stated: “It is good because it keeps young people occupied, but we have to acknowledge that not everybody is meant to be a photographer or a videographer. There are other branches. We have those who work on the concepts and others are good on set or something else within the fold.
“They also need to understand the mistakes of people who have gone ahead of them so that they don’t repeat the mistakes. They need to be sure that they have a passion for photography. Photography is an art, just as is videography.”
Besides, Nikon School Instructor, Pradeep Mohan, said that it was interesting that young Nigerians were going into using high quality imaging tools in photography and videography, adding: “There is a shift to motion pictures now. And we are excited that Nigerians are in the forefront of that in Africa.”
“We want to spread the word on what you need to do with photography and videography. We want to create awareness on how Nikon is very strong and a competitive player in the imaging industry. We want to do much more. We have had this event all over Africa, but our largest presence is in Nigeria. The people are very welcoming and are excited to attend events like this. I have done a photo walk with close to 60 people. The people are very enthusiastic and active. There are a lot of many talented photographers in Nigeria, and Kelechi Amadi is one of them. We hope to have more soon.”
Meanwhile, a participant, Rashidi Hassan, said that the event was going to change the landscape of photography, as young photographers are interfacing with veterans to learn how to work better and build sustainable careers. 

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