​Ibrahim launches book on morals for fellow teenagers

A member of Aishat Ibrahim Foundation, Jibromah Junny (left); convener, Kids And Teens Read, Joyce Marcus; author of The Girl Who Loves Her City, Aishat Ibrahim; Nasiru Kaoje and Co-ordinator of the foundation, Yemi Ojo at the maiden edition of Kids And Teens Read… in Lagos
Teenage author, Aishat Ibrahim’s book, The Girl Who Loves Her City has finally been launched and released to the Nigerian market. The book, launched at the weekend at the graduation ceremony of the author at High Grade Schools, Lagos, had dignitaries, students and members of Aishat Ibrahim Foundation gracing the occasion.
Ibrahim’s book examines values such as religion, morality, integrity, education and contentment, which build up individuals. In the book, Ibrahim also frowns at corruption, discrimination, indecent dressing, procrastination and illiteracy. She canvases standing up to face the challenges and ordeals of life.
While speaking at the event, Ibrahim said her books focuses on how to curb corruption, develop self-respect and discipline to become a better citizen in the future. She also noted that the book, which took her three years to write, was borne out of inspiration and physical activities of people in her neighbourhood. She cited chapter 30, where she wrote about a crippled man who solicited for alms on Independence Day.
Ibrahim urged parents to teach their children good morals and integrity, adding, “People should learn to identify their own fault before calling on others to do the right thing. Never give up on your talent and aspirations.”
The Coordinator of Aishat Ibrahim Foundation, Adeyemi Ojo, related how he guided Ibrahim through writing the book, saying her zeal encouraged him to push her to complete it. He stated that the positive reviews the book has received led to the formation of the foundation, which he noted, was established to teach teenagers morals and entrench discipline most especially among secondary school students.
The Assistant Commissioner of Police, Lagos, Bunmi Ogedengbe, who was a guest, said teenagers should engage in book writing, particularly at this period, where social vices have taken over the youths. He urged parents not to lavish their children with material gifts, but should give them knowledge and to monitor their activities in school.

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