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​Eulogies at launch of Ivie’s book on sponsorship

It was fun all the way at Pelican Hotel, Lekki, Lagos, at the official unveiling of a book, The Potent Force of Sponsorship, written by Omo-Ojo Ernest Ivie, who works in the oil and gas industry. The event was a gathering of top brass in oil and gas business as well as book lovers, government functionaries and other stakeholders.
The author approaches the subject of sponsorship from three perspectives – his personal experiences, general practical application from his observations, as well as biblical events. Ivie makes a clear distinction between mentors and sponsors and how beneficial they are for youths who aspire to excel in life.
While speaking to The Guardian, Ivie said writing the book was borne out of his 20 years of experiences and his encounter with people whose path he crossed and those who passed through him. He added that he is an accidental writer, who has been reading and researching over the years, noting that he wrote the book during a two-week industrial action, when his family was on vacation.
He suggested that individuals should try to believe, discover and develop themselves first so as to get to platforms that attract sponsorship.
Ivie also advised that being trustworthy, loyal and willing to go the extra mile help to achieve remarkable result. “The day a person stops reading, he stops learning and he starts dying,” he stressed, adding that there are e-books and other valuable items on the internet that enhance reading culture. The author pointed out that the internet has provided a platform for people to do many things like reading extensively on any topic, but however urged the wholesome use of social media for meaningful ventures.
According to him, social media is another effective means to promote reading culture and advised youths to use it diligently and efficiently for reading, research and other meaningful activities.
A guest, Mr. Adedayo Ojo said the author has raw passion, energy, resilience and can-do spirit, which have characterised his life and work that flow through the book. He added that the book’s easy-flowing and smooth prose equally describe the reality of the life of the writer, “strengthened by the eternal truth of the word of God, which he has allowed to guide his life as a young man. The work is a foretaste of greater, creative and narrative works that I am certain we will see from him in the future.”
Ojo urged every young person, who is ready to take on life, to read the book.
Pastor Hendrick Echoga of Revival Ministries, Abuja, and keynote speaker, pointed out that The Potent Force of Sponsorship is a masterpiece with scriptural support and practical encounters, adding, “The author shows us who your sponsor is in life and provides a practical guide in identifying your mentor and your sponsor. The book is a reality of our time, our walk with God and mankind.”
A journalist, Mr. Chuks Oluigbo, reviewed the book while free copies were given to guests.

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