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​Cleric laments discoveries of kidnappers’ den, indicts politicians

A Cleric, Prophet Sunday Funsho Korode, in his reaction to the recent discoveries of kidnappers’ den in Lagos State and the rash of ritual killings in the country, has blamed it on politicians aspiring to be office holders after the next general elections in 2019.
He made the comment during the Youth Fellowship of the Cherubim and Seraphim Movement (Surulere District Headquarters, Ayo Ni O) anniversary special edition of “God in my life” which took place at the church premises along Apapa-Oshodi expressway.
Korode, who though gave the assurance that Nigeria would soon get out of woods, indicted politicians who believe that the route to the exalted political positions they covet, is by soiling their hands with blood through ritual killing.
“Despite the fact that government is putting up a strong battle to contain the incidence of kidnapping, which had been linked to unemployment in the country, the flipside of the coin is the thirst of some godless politicians for blood in order to empower and fortify themselves.”
He advised the youths not to take advantage of unemployment situation in the country to engage in crime, but rather make a productive use of their youthfulness in self, communal and national development.
Another source, who pleaded for anonymity, said people are kidnapped for money rituals or prosperity purposes. “People want to get money regardless of the laws they have to violate. However, people should avoid walking alone on lonely paths especially at night or very early in the morning to safeguard them from being victims.”
He further advised communities to equip their vigilance groups so that they can observe any strange activity in their domains. “Also, government should install CCTV cameras at different locations which should be manned for strange occurrences.”
Also, Mr. Maruff Abiodun, called on government at all levels to do more in the area of job creation, security and empowerment of the citizens as a way of addressing the present state of despair and gloom in the economy. “Our security agencies too need to be highly motivated and encouraged to do their jobs efficiently.

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