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​17-19 July, BtoBet plans its roadshow in Lagos during the sports betting west Africa Summit – Nigeria

In the fertile and evolving Nigerian gambling market, BtoBet is organizing an exclusive roadshow dedicated to the local operators, ready to step into the developing scenario towards mobile.
Preparing the roadshow in Nigeria, BtoBet has interviewed the director of Global Gaming Africa to explore the expert’s point of view about the local market. If you wish to discover more, download the Interview here “BtoBet interviews John Kamara on Nigeria’s betting market.”
17-19 July, BtoBet plans its roadshow in Lagos during the sports betting west Africa Summit – NigeriaThe Nigerian market is showing a growing number of mobile users – 150 million – and a great diffusion of mobile payments with 81% of the population using mainly USSD, credit cards and sometimes Bitcoins as the preferred payment methods. Additionally, 67 million local people – 45% of Nigerian mobile users – are displaying a strong interest in shopping online and in mobile Apps. These are clear signals operators have to consider when planning their business strategy and to stay ahead of the competition.
During the upcoming Sports Betting West Africa event in Lagos, regulators, operators and technology suppliers of the gambling industry will discuss current trends and future directions of the industry.  BtoBet’s chairman, Alessandro Fried is going to attend the summit at the Federal Palace Hotel & Casino in Lagos, taking part in the panel:
• 19th July, at 12.00: “Making the most of growing opportunities in Africa”
Commenting on his participation in the Nigerian panel, Fried highlighted:
“Nigeria is an extremely promising market for mobile sports-betting operators. African countries take differing approaches to the regulation and oversight of their gambling markets. With due attention being paid to the particular needs of each local market, operators can equip themselves to be able to provide the right tools and technology to profit from the enormous opportunities that present themselves across the continent.”
About BtoBet
BtoBet is a pioneer in new technologies for iGaming operators and the betting industry by using technological intelligence as its main base for its products. It offers unique, customizable, secure and flexible cloud-based systems delivering unprecedented capabilities to drive sportsbook and iGaming business. BtoBet has the Technical team of the company is in Skopje and has an ever-growing team of developers. BtoBet’s dynamic Sportsbook team operates from Rome, whilst Malta hosts the commercial and marketing center. Visit our site on:

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