​​Seek prompt medical help, avoid self medication–medical practitioner urges Nigerians

A medical practitioner, Dr Patrick Eze, has called on Nigerians to seek proper medical assistance in cases of illnesses and communicable diseases.
In statement entitled “Tuberculosis,The Bitter Truth” in Abuja on Sunday, Eze said that major diseases like Tuberculosis thrive in Nigeria because of the habit of self medication by Nigerians.
Eze, who is the Deputy Clinical Lead, HIV/AIDs and TB at the Daughters of Charity Hospital, Abuja, said: ‘’Generally, Nigerians have poor health-seeking behaviour.
‘’They only show presence at the hospital when cases have defied all interventions from chemists, herbalists and prayer houses, this is a very troubling development.”
He described TB as a dangerous disease but treatable when reported in the hospital on time.
‘’When we seek out to treat cough by ourselves, it is a very deadly engagement
‘’A person who is not diagnosed timely and referred to commence treatment can spread TB bacteria to others each time he or she coughs,’’ he said.
Eze advised people who coughs and experience weight loss to quickly contact qualified medical personnel to handle their cases for early diagnosis, treatment as well as to reduce spread.
On how to prevent contacting TB, Eze urged coughing individuals to use tissues and not handkerchief to cover their mouths.
‘’This is because the bacteria that causes TB is very reactive to sunlight and is rapidly destroyed in a matter of minutes, when exposed to sunlight.’’

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