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​​Mc Vera International Montessori School visits The Guardian

Mc Vera International Montessori School at The Guardian Newspaper office during a visit.
Advocates Catching Children Young
About 45 pupils of Mc Vera International Montessori School, Aguda, Surulere, Lagos visited The Guardian to learn about modalities and intricacies of print media communication. The pupils came alongside five of their schoolteachers and proprietress.
Proprietress and headmistress of the school, Mrs. Akahara Chinelo, who led the pupils and teachers, said: “We go out on excursion every academic term, and our excursion is team based. We teach the children so many things, even though they are still young. The purpose of our visit to The Guardian is because the company has everything the children need to know about in journalism. I just want to impart to them knowledge of journalism, so they are able to see and touch what they were shown in class. And in case any of them develops interest in journalism later in life, they will remember their visit to The Guardian.
“The reason we choose to visit firms rather than playing grounds is because we are interested in what they become tomorrow. We must begin early to know their various talents,” she said.
Chinelo advised other schools and parents to ensure they educate children, using things outside the classroom, no matter how young they are because starting early would help them in future.
“The Western world starts early to teach their children. China and India are good examples of countries that know how to catch them young. India is leading in medical field because they started early.
Nigerian government should also target children in the basic aspect of technology, if they want a technology driven nation.”

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