​​Lagos and Abuja are part of Biafra – MASSOB

Leader of the Movement for the Actualization of Biafra (MASSOB), Kingsley Madu has said cities where Igbos own major investments, including Lagos and Abuja are part of Biafra.
Madu said this on Thursday in Enugu during a rally organised to welcome the leader of another pro-Biafra group, the Biafra National Guard, Innocent Oji.
“Pro-Biafra groups have adopted a new ideology which stated that any part of the country where a large population of Igbos is found, and where Igbos contributed towards human and material development, is part of Biafra,” Madu said.
He added that Biafrans don’t want to be confined to just a place.
He raised alarm over the alleged sacking of Igbo traders from a portion of land at Trade Fair and FESTAC in Lagos.
“Igbo would not be forced out in any part of Nigeria, where they invested lots of resources to develop,” Madu vowed.
Stressing that Lagos and Abuja are part of Biafra, he said, “Some years back a portion of land at Trade Fair and FESTAC were conceded to our people for development in Lagos.
“After spending billions of naira in developing this part of Lagos for the economic growth of Nigerian government, today information reaching us is that the Federal Government, conniving with the Lagos State Government, yesterday retrieved the land, the platform, all the investment and everything from the people of Biafra.
“This is part of the reason for Biafra agitation.
“And we are warning because we now believe that everywhere an Igbo man is is part of Biafra.
“That is the latest ideology we have.
“We don’t want to confine ourselves to a particular place; we now believe that wherever our foot touches is our land that is Biafra.
“Lagos is also Biafra, Abuja is also Biafra.
“Anywhere our people are that place is Biafra.
“So what we are saying now is that that part of Lagos that our people developed with their money is also part of Biafra and we cannot leave.”

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