​​Cleaner Lagos Initiative: Govt. begins waste bags distribution to households

In line with its commitment to achieve a cleaner, healthy and safer environment for residents, the state government has kicked-off the distribution of waste bags to households in communities across Lagos.
According to the Operations Director, Visionscape, Tarak Sahay, one million bags will be distributed in this first phase of the exercise.
That was made known during an interactive forum organized recently by Visionscape with Area Managers under the Cleaner Lagos Initiative.
The meeting held at Visionscape office located at Ogudu GRA, Lagos.
Visionscape is a leading global environmental utility group assigned by the Lagos State Government to provide waste management services.
Mr. Sahay said: “In the last six months we have surveyed the entire city of Lagos and collated vital data to make this initiative very effective. We therefore understand population density of the communities and areas we are working even up to the number of streets and households in the state. This fair assessment aids us to know the amount of waste that can be generated in any particular location. And accordingly, we are going to create adequate capacity required in terms of number of bins for the areas.
“So, when they use the nylon bags to hold their domestic waste, they will move it to the collection points where we have located nearest to them. And the CLI workers will take it from there. In the long run, we will be providing the waste bags to each household in the entire city of Lagos.
He also said plans were on to ensure wastes are collected weekly, adding that community involvement is important in achieving the goals of Cleaner Lagos Initiative.
Mr. Tarak Sahay, Operations Director; Mr. Tunji Sasore, Operations Manager; Mr. Thomas Forgacs, Chief Operations Officer and Mr. Aravindu Valmeekan, Operations Manager, Lagos West, all of Visionscape, during Cleaner Lagos Initiative (CLI) Area Managers Meeting held on Saturday at Visionscape Office, Ogudu, GRA, Lagos.
The CLI which was initiated by the Governor Akinwunmi Abode-led government aims to make Lagos the greenest city in Africa by 2029, reducing the accumulation of solid waste, promoting best practices including reducing reusing and recycling.
It also include preventing public littering and disposal of waste, improving the quality, practices and treatment of waterways, wastewater and sewage, reducing greenhouse gas emission and air pollution to decrease the impact on climate change.
The firm is also to engage in environmental-based projects to address and reverse degradation and decrease Lagos’ crime rate with the creation of over 27, 000 direct and indirect jobs and alleviating poverty.

PIC 3. CLI Area Managers assigned to interact and distribute the Waste Bags to the Communities and CDAs across the Local Governments
Other top executives of Visionscape, including Tunji Sasore, operations manager; Thomas Forgacs, chief operations officer and Aravindu Valmeekan, operations manager, Lagos West as well as area managers attended the interactive forum
Among the highlights of the Cleaner Lagos Initiative are: regular collection of waste with trucks and properly kitted operators, proper distribution of bins across the state, effective operation of sanitation workers, sweeping daily in every Local Government Area (LG) and Local Council development Area (LCDA), regular cleaning of waterways, highways, and drainage system to prevent flooding.

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