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​​Ambode, noise pollution and Ladipo auto spare parts market lawlessness

Sir: It was reported in 2016 that the Lagos State government under the leadership of Akinwunmi Ambode closed down 70 churches, 20 mosques and about 11 hotels, club houses and beer parlours in a move aimed at reducing noise in the state. He also banned Okada from major roads, locked out traders in Ladipo market over sanitation offence, same way his predecessor, Babatunde Fashola who is now the Minister of Power, Works and Housing, closed down same market in 2013.
I can say without mincing words that the Ambode administration has shown a high level of insincerity to what he was elected to do in 2015. The government has failed to bring anyone who flouted the law to book because of his calculation towards 2019 elections.
For sanity sake, there are several churches around me, especially The Redeem Christian Church of God (RCCG) and about seven mosques in my area but the churches which I don’t attend, have maintained decorum to large a extent but the mosques have remained a big source of headache on a daily basis. The operators of these mosques have no regard for human right, other religion or put into consideration the wellbeing of infants who should enjoy peaceful sleep.
Another major concern is the commercial motorcycle riders in the state. I have no problem with their population since the present government failed to provide jobs but my concern is how they operate, how annoying they could be and their level of insanity. There was a time I had problem with one of them and the outcome was so ugly. Other riders who gathered under trees where they smokes Marijuana every day, a place they recently converted to park unleashed terror on me. I was treated so inhumanly despite showing them my identity card, they continued the assault, threatened to take away my belongings if I tried to talk further, I was finally left off the hook after one of them intervened.
After the encounter, I approached the Nigeria police officers who were on patrol at that time. They followed me to the scene but after so many pleas, I let go. Then, the most senior of the officers offered to drop me at the nearest bus stop which I obliged and he said, “These boys continue to act this way because the governor is seeking second term in office and he needs them to achieve that. You noticed that they were dealt with after the 2015 elections but the governor wants to contest again.
The condition of Ladipo auto spare parts market is a shame to the so-called commercial centre of West Africa. The governor has on two occasions ordered his men from Alausa to restore sanity to the area but has failed to make the traders see the need to stop operating lawlessly. In those two operations, these guys immediately returned to the road side and continued their trade in less than 15 minutes after the officials of the state government left the scene.
The security problem in Ikorodu, Oshodi and other parts of the state is preventable and the 26 people who were killed in just 12 months by Badoo cultists. The kidnapped students in Epe should also be blamed on the governor and the traditional rulers.

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