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​​African press review 6 July 2017

Nigerian government to name and shame big fishes who looted the country’s treasury while Zambian President Edgar Lungu in authoritarin drift, as he seeks sweeping powers to fight arson attacks.
We begin with a story that is bound to send electric shocks down the spines of Nigeria’s graft-prone politicians.
It is a decision by the Federal Government to publish the names of treasury looters so Nigerians can see, after a ruling by the country’s High Court.
Vanguard quoted the Attorney-General of the Federation, Abubakar Malami, as telling reporters he was given the green lights by the National Executive Council during its meeting on Wednesday in Abuja.
According to the newspaper, the Lagos-based Federal High Court ordered publication of the names under the provisions of the freedom of Information Act.
Vanguard recalls that last year, the government announced the successfully recovery of more than 218 million euros in cash and assets from former and serving officials found guilty of graft.
The publication also reports that Abuja also made know progress it had made to recover more than 283 million euros stolen from state coffers and hidden abroad.
South Africa’s Mail and Guardian is monitoring the situation in Zambia where it claims President Edgar Lungu is edging towards dictatorship.
This was after he announced in a televised address plans to declare a seven-day state of emergency to fight a recent spate of arson attacks in the country.
The newspaper reports that the fires included one that burnt down the main market in the capital Lusaka which President Lungu blamed on “political enemies trying to make the country ungovernable».
Mail and Guardian says Lungu was probably referring to supporters of opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema jailed for trumped up treason charges.
It explains that free media has been largely suppressed in the country, and the space for civil society narrowed as Edgar Lungu struggles to get a grip on both party and nation.
A Zambian political analyst tells Mail and Guardian that Lungu’s decision may have as much to do with faction-fighting within the ruling Patriotic Front.  
And Kenya’s Star newspaper investigates the shocking story about an incredible sex orgy in a girls’ high school dormitory involving a group of boys who trekked 34 kms to attend the party.
According to the newspaper 11 girls were suspended for their role in organizing the midnight frolic on Sunday.
The Star quotes a source at the Catholic school as saying that orgies were a regular event at the hostel housing about one hundred girls. The students are believed to have organized the party through mobile phones, which are banned by the school’s authorities.

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