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Top Delta Bizman in Sex Scandal

This is a story of a philandering man and a kiss and tell that is threatening to make a story of the moment. As the story was narrated by a lady identified as Esther, she allegedly met the businessman identified as Chief Friday on a flight from Lagos to Accra when one thing led to the other and they got talking.

The businessman who is also a traditional chief is into heavy property market in Ghana and a top Catholic devotee.

Eventually at the gold coast city they settled at Holiday Inn where the man got another room on the fifth floor to keep the new lover.

At the middle of the night he was alleged to have sneaked into the 5th floor abandoning his wife who later arrived to join him in the 8th floor room.

The following day a riund of lovey dovey continued at the restaurant with a selfie to capture the loving moment. 

Shortly the man was said to have informed of his intention to travel to Kumasi for a business meeting therefore reschedule a fresh appointment with Esther to continue their romance

The last staw that broke the camel’s back according to her was when the businessman brought out a broken platinum mastercard, saying because of the broken card he could not access cash to give the lady.

Therefore he reached for his back pocket and offered a hundred note of US dollar which she allegedly turned down

 Eventually after a promise of heaven and earth, she obtained the cash and since then all communications broke down. 

When the chief was contacted, he denied ever meeting a lady of such neither does he have any relationship with any lady outside his matrimony.

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