The Marriage Money Could not Save!: How FUNKE FOWLER And ABI KUKU’s Marriage Crashed

Funke and Abi at traditional wedding, pic by bellanaija

The story of the marriage crash of Funke Fowler, daughter of billionaire taxman, Babatunde Fowler and Abi Kuku, son of Ijebu wealthy businessman Ogbeni Oja of Ijebu, Chief Bayo Kuku is like paradox of life. That the rich also cry might be stating the obvious. This is because all the riches of the two families failed to rescue the marriage of the young couple.

Barely two years after marriage, the marriage said to have cost fortune to put together has packed up and its reconciliation seems never to be in sight, at least for now.

Funke and Abi got married in 2011, but quietly parted ways in December 2013 according to insiders. It was gathered that the couple started having problems months after their wedding as Funke was complained of facing several abuses in the relationship. The abuses a source revealed has to do with her inability to cope with household chores demanded of a house wife.

Report says that it got so bad that after series of failed reconciliation, Funke’s mum allegedly had to take her daughter out of the abusive atmosphere during the festive period in December, 2013.

It would be recalled that the wedding was adjudged as one of the most elaborate society wedding of the year. For instance, a specially built marquee was said to have been made for their engagement in Dubai which cost well over a million dollar.

It was not surprising to many society watchers  that the wedding could just flash off just like that as there are catalogue  of society weddings that ended inthe same manner in less than a year of solemnisation.

-Mosun Usman

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