Sanitary Inspectors Take Over In Borno As Book Haram Sack Doctors And Nurses


The security situations in the country especially, the North East, has defied all known solutions in the military circle. Just as the militants Boko Haram sects are on top of their game. Both military and presidency are always gasping for breath each time this deadly group carried out their well coordinated and precision attacks on the defenseless people of Borno, Adamawa and Yobe States. As the cross firing between the Boko Haram and military is getting hotter in Maiduguri, doctors and nurses have abandoned their duty posts. This they said became necessary because they are being exposed to dangers in the cause of their professional duties. The action was hinged on the fact that they are following their Hippocratic Oath by treating any patient that was brought into the hospital, but the Military Joint Task Force, JTF, and Boko Haram are always brutalizing the medical personnel at Maiduguri general hospital for either treating or rejecting casualties as the case may be. They said they are at a cross road. In a statement by the secretary general of Nigeria Medical Association, NMA, Borno State chapter, Dr. Akpufouma Pemu, he said the Hippocratic Oath by which doctors swear to up hold professional standards is important but doctors needed to be alive to take care of their patients. He further said, “dead people don’t keep oats, as it is now it’s the life’s of doctors that is being endangered, so there is need for us to get some form of assurances from government before we go back to that hospital”. While this is unfolding, the sanitary inspectors otherwise known as wole-wole in Yoruba parlance, said they don’t need any protection from the military before attending to their “patients”. They were seen attending to causalities brought into Maiduguri general hospital on bare floor, right inside the premises of the hospital. Monday Ubani, chairman, Nigerian Bar Association, NBA, Ikeja branch said “President Goodluck Jonathan is rather too busy about how to win the 2015 general elections than curbing the menace of the so called terrorists. This is very clear through his body language. Are we now saying these sects are more sophisticated with superior fire arms than the Nigerian armed forces”.

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