Randy Pastor arrested for sexual harassment


Men who blindly trust their Pastors to the extent of allowing their wife’s or daughters to go and visit the men of God in their church offices probably for counselling, deliverance etc, should better read this story. Who else can one trust lf you can’t trust your spiritual leader, indeed the end time is fast approaching.

Adekunle Kayode, Founder and Pastor of The Way Evangelistic Ministry in Olorunsogo area of Abeokuta, Ogun State capital is now cooling off at Special Criminal Investigation Department, SCID, in Eleweeran, where he has been telling the Police on why he should be using his fingers to confirm the virginity of a 20 years old female member of his congregation.

When the poor girl can’t bear it again, she opened up the Pastor’s unholy behaviour to her father who was said to have gone the Church to kill the Man of God but for the intervention of other members of the church who rescued the randy pastor before he was later arrested.

The father of the victim was quoted to have said, “My daughter revealed to me that our pastor fingered her severally at the church even when she was on her menstrual period for reasons known to him. She equally told me that the pastor recently fingered her to confirm her virginity when she went for church program in the church. An accomplice, Onatade Olusegun, was asked to rape my daughter by the pastor having used charm on her possibly for ritual purpose before God saved her from them”.

The Commissioner of Police Ogun State Command Mr. Ikemefuna Okoye confirmed the story while speaking with Journalists in his office in Abeokuta.

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  1. This is a clear failure on the parts of both the Fed.and State Govts. Do we even have any Mental Care Homes in Nigeria for those with metanl health issues?. I personally don’t know of any. These class of people are citizens of the country like any other person. Do I need to remind anybody including the selfish and greedy govt’s officials that it is their primary responsibility to look after the citizens of the country?. Shame on Fed Govt, shame on Lagos state govt, shame on his family for allowing him to live, eat and die this way. Finally, why can’t these so called General Overseers of churhes in Nigeria think of establishing Mental Care Homes for these helpless individuals? No. All they do is compete with Private Jets to fly within and outside the country in the name of preaching the gospel. Where do the tithes, offerings and special donations go? In their bank accounts of course. Shame! The truth is that many of them don’t even have the moral ground to preach the Words of God. Not only will God hold you accountable for what you did but also for those things you failed to do. May His Soul Rest In Peace.

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