PROPHET DUROMOLA: The man who predicted Boko Haram Menace/Petrol Subsidy Removal Opens Up

“Nigeria on Time Bomb”!

+ What he predicted then.

In the context of Christendom, the unapologetic Prophet Duromola Samuel is a fire-spitting man of God who calls a spade a spade whenever it comes to issues that have to do with the things of morality, sanity, uprightness and the nation at large, without minding whose ox is gored. For a long time now, the very outspoken and fearless preacher of the word has been drumming it in very unambiguous words into the ears of Nigerians both within and outside, the government inclusive, that the nation Nigeria is virtually on the verge of collapse, and that if urgent care and intervention are not taken via prayers and fasting, the imminent collapse may happen before our very eyes. With the current uproar, chaos, crises, hullabaloos and tension in the country nay the ASUU strike, the nauseating petroleum subsidy removal, and lately the resultant national labour strike and massive protests by the people. Prophet Duromola’s predictions are gradually coming to pass as we are daily already witnessing. He made this predictions and gave signals late last year through his averments on certain instructions on the state of the nation. Without any fear of contradiction, the violence and turmoil that are presently rocking the nation had long been predicted by the prophet, Duromola Adedayo Samuel, the General Overseer of Christ Worshippers Church, Osubi, Warri, Delta State, but were never heeded. Then some were saying the prophet was only looking for financial gains. Interestingly, these probably uninformed people didn’t and probably still don’t know that the Owo, Ondo State – born prophet and seer had been a philanthropist, cheerful giver and most importantly a very strong and active player in the Christendom for almost three decades, all of which he still remains unyieldingly. Besides, he doesn’t seek undue recognition as he is content with his stronghold popularity and acceptance in the south-south region of Nigeria and even abroad. The potent fact is that the Holy Spirit instructed the prophet to speak to the nation over an impending crisis and catastrophe ahead, saying that until people listen to the lonely voice that is crying in the wilderness and follow the God of worshippers, will there be respite in the country, otherwise the country will not move forward. Just last week, before the labour and civil society national strike in reaction to the oil subsidy removal, the dreaded Boko Haram sect struck again for the umpteenth time in Adamawa State, killing a whole 35 innocent people, amongst whom were 8 shot at a Deeper Life Church, 22 at the victims’ residences and 5 others. As for the recent pronouncement by the president, Goodluck Jonathan, over the petrol subsidy removal, Prophet Duromola, insists that the problem is not about Goodluck Jonathan, as he is only the harbinger of the widely detested news; the problem goes beyond the bearer of the news as it has been endemic within the nation.

Lets’ regal you again with specific extractions of some of the predictions he made then concerning Nigeria, now that the predictions are steadily creeping in and by extension what measures he offered in order to avert the festering crises, they are all still vintage Prophet Duromola and very characteristic of this great seer of our time. The foretelling comes under apt headlines:

How he warned the nation about the impending violence, and the way out

 The problem with Nigerians they don’t listen to advise and follow the divined solution to the problem mentioned. Some believed they have solution on their own but all solution must be adhering to since only God that can proffer solution to the problem. Although, the one that I can do on my own, I have done it. What about the people it concerned. When a message is sent to someone or to a country, what they need to do is to seek for divine solution of that prophesies as bible directed. As long as the Nigerians continue to defy the message sent through me, being a lonely voice that cries in the wilderness, that nobody is ready to listening to, there would be problem. In every message God directed me; there must be solution in it. One of the solutions is that, Nigerians should bow down to God of worshippers. A prophet is meant for a generation, and as long as this country,Africais concern, the prophet of this generation sent by God is Prophet D.A Samuel. Thus, any others were on their own.  During the days of Israelites, they called prophets prophet of bars. I insist, they should listen to the voice. I have said that the country should pray against violence before election and after, see what is happening now. Perhaps, I have been on the mountain in Akure, Ondo State, where God revealed to me that revolution is looming, it may not be against the government, because, I would not reverse what I have said against president Jonathan that nothing would happened to him, but we should pray against three things, revolution, where poor will rise against the rich people. I see masses who are suffering fighting against the rich in this country, people are hungry and if care is no taking, it will turn to what is happening in Arab counties. The Arab countries were fighting against the individual, against the president, not that there is no food to eat, but they are fighting for change of government, the Libyan are not hungry, 80% of Libyans were enjoying with good roads and infrastructures, their grievances, somebody had stayed for long. But what will happen inNigeriawill not be against the government of President Jonathan. People are hungry, poverty rate is high, and some are enjoying. At the moment, they should not hide money now, but create employment opportunity and if Nigerians refused to listen, it will affect the government in a way. I foresee people running helter skelters. Likewise, we should be very careful, there are some forces that have bent to destabilize this country, some wanted to scatter this country and sponsoring people. It must be checkmated. Also, some people wanted to make the government ungovernable to Mr. President. We are still talking of Boko Haram rising in the north, I see people revolting in the South West, East which will start with small protest, we must pray against people working against this country. We should not underrate anybody when it comes to security. Though, the security people are working, police too doing their best despite their low population and they must intensify more effort in getting security apparatus. Another one is that we should pray against anything that may affect the unity of the country, to save guard this, the government should organize sovereignty government and discuss with the stakeholders. I am not saying they call some few people but the conference will be scatter in all the state of the federation, Abuja, Kaduna, Enugu, Maiduguri, Onitsha, Portharcout, Warri, Benin, Akure, Ibadan, Lagos among others. It will not be a conference that anybody will close their months because, every mind was loaded and nowhere to pour it. I have said before, I am not a political analyst, but talking from the spiritual real. I am only talking of the message from God thatNigeriais seating on a keg of gun powder, and the voice of the prophet must be listening to. I will indulge the reporter to go back to my predictions and see what I have been saying for the past 15 years. What I said in 2007 about President Jonathan, IBB among others. The problem of this country we don’t listen to the voice of wisdom, and if they don’t listen, more problems ahead. Perhaps, the size of your church does not determine who you are, even the type of your house built does not determine, how rich you are. People believe where they can see 1m worshippers, let me tell you as per this generation, we have so many pastors but only one prophet which is me, let people criticize me, I don’t mind and I don’t listen to what people say about me. I only listen to what God says about me, that is why I said, I am the lonely voice that cries from the wilderness.

…. How people misconceived the “God of Worshippers” analogy?

When I said God of worshippers, I am referring to the God in John Chapter 4, verse 27, I did not say because I worship in Christ Worshippers church, but the time has come when everybody will worship with through God, those that worship God in truth and spirit. I mean everybody should bow down to a living God. There are pastors that still bow down for idols, if you come to my museum, you will see so many idols surrendered by the people. All these are what people release, and were surrendered to me when God touches their heart and was kept in my museum. But there is one God that cannot be release, is an invincible God, unchangeable changer, but I did not say they should come and worship in my church. I have prayed for several people including Mr. President when he visited me as a deputy governor ofBayelsaState. I never asked him for anything. I don’t want to be a millionaire or seeking for materials gain. I have said it in several interview granted me, if I wanted to be rich, I have opportunity to live outsideNigeria, have branch inAbujawhere I can make money.  In Warri where my church is located is very close to airport and that is where God directed me. Referring to the reporter, today you met me in small room in Akure; see a lot of people around. Right now, I don’t need anybody’s money, what I want is that they should listen to the voice that speaks. I have been offered an appointment which I turned down, to be a spiritual adviser, what does that means. I am a spiritual adviser to anybody who is willing. Although, I am qualified academically to be appointed to any position but spiritually, it is no go area, to be a prophet and politician. Jesus Christ was never given any position. Likewise, I have been called to be honoured as MON,GFR, the honour I want to be remember for is a prophet that God sent in a generation that kick against injustice, poverty, speak as God directed and talking about equal right for justice. I am the only man that can tell any pastors to sit down, the only prophet who refused to be in any association, either CAN or PFM and be controlling with what to say. No. I am not a small spoon that can easily be bend, if today, I die, I don’t mind the type of death because, I am fighting for a cause, the type of death that I will die does not matter, to me death is death but what matter is that what happens after my death? The bible says, the wage of sin is death thereafter, judgment. Even, if you call yourself pastors does not matter like so called Guru Maharaji that call himself as perfect master. After death is judgment. What I am saying is that I am afraid of the last day, I never said, I am holy, I would have committed certain things unknowingly, but God has been trying to use me, I am not the first, Apostle Paul is there, no one is perfect, if you looking at my imperfect to judge me, you are wasting time. I have being praying crying; what people need is to listen and obey. Even police, ought to have thank me for saying some of those things that are happening. EFCC should have said thank you prophet for remembering us of some people stealing in the name of God and beam their searchlight on them. May be they are afraid of big pastors and Bishops, only arresting politicians alone, arrest pastors asked us where we got our millions. People are using flash cars when members are dying in penury. Also, pastors using jets, they should use the money for the welfare of members. These are most of the things I am saying, although, am not envious of any achievement, I can tell you, I am comfortable, eating choice food in a day but my religious does not permit me to eat like pig, therefore, I monitor, what I eat, even, no place I wanted to go in the world that I can’t afford, I use electronic. As am talking now, I have been invited to Sieraleone. In two weeks time, I will honor the invitation by the top government official and be a guest to the authority over there. As adage says, a prophet does not have recognition in his home time. What I am saying in essence, it is high time, this country knows the truth. Poverty is on high side, it is high time, and they should desist listening to physical voice. We should not wait until we have problem asking Okonjo-Iweala, Minister of Finance to come and repair, and go. No sustainability. Okonjo Iweala has been there ones, help us to pay debt, and left. What happens, the debt come back. Right now, is a new idols to worship, it was reported all ministers to walk with her, instead of every ministers to work with presidency. There is riot act, according to what I read in the paper. But the issue is that Mr. President should have instructed them to work with fear of God or resign. They are talking of fear of a woman. If the word of God not imparted on the ministers, for them to do the will of God after that what happens? We are back into the mess; it is only God that can repair forever. Let all the ministers assemble with Mr. President and have a word with them for only 30minutes and tell them the word of God, the country will change. We are not talking of the best sermon, in which the fear of God would not be there, but just to speak the word, and something will enter them, not only swearing in, obey the constitution, so help me God. The bible says, heaven help those who held themselves.

…. His takes on President Goodluck Jonathan’s public condemnation over certain decisions

Which challenge? The Boko Haram, bombing, issue of six years single tenure? When I am here praying for him, what do you mean by challenges, anybody can make a mistake, I am not a lawyer like pastor Bakare. Mine advise to him, he should seek spiritual advice before taking any action again. I have told him before, he should beware of sycophants around him, I am saying it again through this medium, 90% of people around him are pretenders that are looking for money. Only few are ready to work in the interest of the country. Whatever they are doing, they must worship God in truth and spirit. What President, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan should know is that nobody can love him more than himself, only praise singers surrounded him, wake up tomorrow to sack the ministers and advisers and see what I am talking about.  There are still good people around him, no matter how bad it is, it will still remain somebody, that person is the spiritual president of this country. Every president in the whole world has spiritual adviser. I am spiritual adviser to the president being a prophet, he should not allow any worshippers to be his adviser, people that serve mermaid but as far as I am concern, I pray for him, if he likes, he should follow my advise which is not the point now but should try and find solace in God, not only to attend Aso Villa Chapel, everybody want to preach there because of money and authority. Since I have known him right from 2005, I have not taken a dawn from him. But what I know is that by the time he completes his tenure, I would remember him, and that when you are in authority what your achievement, right now, is I am not ready to meet him, may be after his tenure.

IBB and OBJ has been abusing each others on the pages of newspapers, what is your take?

I have said something before Obasanjo is like Ambassalom, who was great at the end, had his hair hang on the tree. Forget about me being a Yoruba man, for physical world, he can be older than me, but in spiritual world is nobody. People that is older than him, if I talk in spiritual realm, they don’t talk. Obasanjo was one of those that make mockery of Christian when he called himself a pastor. And for IBB, the same thing applies to him, calling himself a good Muslim. It is the money they have eating illegally that is hunting them. They are not suffering, if they know what is happening inNigeria, they will not be talking, remember my prophecy where I said the poor will rise against the rich, but the rich are fighting against themselves, but I can say God is at work.

Sir, Guru Maharaji has being proclaiming to be perfect master, your reaction?

He is a frusted man, a magician that calls himself a perfect master. He is man that wanted to create fear to the minds ofIbadanpeople in order to acquire their lands by coming as a savior, did Jesus Christ, or Mohammed fight over land? They never called themselves a perfect master and they served God. Guru Maharaji, don’t you know the meaning of Guru, go to internet and see the word guru means masters, teachers, somebody who has obtained perfection, master in whatever is doing, you can as well be a guru in business, a stage of unshakable , you become guru. But I don’t know his own guru, there are so many gurus in the whole world today, he did not say Guru God but Guru Mahraji. Maharaji itself is unknown language; when somebody wants to lost, his wisdom makes him to talk anyhow. To me, Guru Maharaji does not know what is doing, may be, he has a mission, that is why he created his own name but should not call himself perfect master again. I have told them the only spiritual president of Africa is Prophet D.A. Samuel, if Guru knows is a perfect master, let us meet face to face and I will tell him a word and bow, therefore, he should stop equating himself  as God. We have many pastors but only one God, to me he is powerless creature who claimed to be powerful and continued in sins.

His advice to Nigerians.

My advice to Nigerians is that they should bow down to God of worshippers and read John 4 verse 23. Talking about government, they should seek the face of God for lasting solution and to the pastors, they seek more wisdom, prophets are not trained is a divine gift from almighty God. They are training people to perform miracles, my brother T.B Joshua is derailing now, I pray and see him and call him to order, he should know that original is always original. Also, he should beware of white men around him, watch him on the television and see the mess of miracles. That is why people doubt what is happening. He should try and stop incessant miracles and seek divine revelation. What they are saying now, Jonathan has given them power, called them wise men using wisdom to perform miracles. Therefore, he should start the work God directed him, if not, he would make mock of prophet. For the business people, they should try and invest their money and help the poor, not that they should start giving money to orphanage homes. The likes of Dangote, Adenuga, Jonathan of our time, should invest on the poor so that they can enjoy the wealth, as the poor has been pushed to the wall.

All these and many more are testaments to Prophet Duromola’s undiluted Prophesies, accurate predictions, unbiased assessment of situations and the tone of impartiality and selflessness in all his outbursts, all laid with profound and explicit indepth spiritualism and the rare gift of God in looking beyond the present through his spiritual prisms to tell the future. All of these he clearly postulated late last year to signpost what the nation is experiencing now, but we all turned deaf ears to them. Against all these rather unwholesome backgrounds, Prophet Duromola Samuel still believes the situation can be averted, if only they will heed the wor of God as he volunteered.


Compiled by Ope Somefun

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  1. Ope, don’t be deceived by magicians parading as men of God. Except if you are talking about ‘men of god’. Dayo a prophet and a man of God? Wonders shall never end !

  2. Pastor Samuel has exhibited a bilateral combination of good character and I will continually continue to respect his maturity; objectivity and sagacity.

  3. Pastor samuel prophecy is educative and informative.nobody know who is genuine or fake pastors in nigeria.but bible did say by their fruits ye shall know them.religions and men of God have failed this nation.if religion is follow accordingly the country ought to be a paradise by now.Love of money,cheap miracle,materialism have taking over religion.the people of this nation hide under religious worship but ungodly.No matter the amount of prophecy on the nation,the judgement of God will come one day.Salvation of one soul and holiness that will rescue anyone from the coming judgement.We should remember what happened to sodom and gommorah in the holy book.

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