Prophet D. Samuel: Pastor who refuses to die

The General Overseer of Christ Worshippers’ Church in Warri,Delta state,  Prophet (Pastor) Duromola Adedayo Samuel who was reported to have been involved in  a ghastly auto-crash on December 31, 2013, is alive, hale and hearty. The man of God who showed up in Lagos four days after the accident was in high spirits, thanking God for the miraclelous escape
According to him “I went to the mountain in preparation for the all-night service in our Warri Headquarters. I was returning and I was driving in a brand new Equus when the accident occurred. I can’t tell what happened that night. I only know that I was driving to pick my wife in Akure so we could go to Warri for the All-night service. I just saw a car’s flashlight beamed into my sight. The car was coming head-on, I think I must have swerved to avoid the collision. All I heard was a loud sound of crash. That was all I heard. I didn’t know what happened after then, I just found myself in a village some kilometers’ away from the scene of the accident, in a man’s house. Apparently, the man witnessed the accident and took me away. I must have blacked out. The man told me he had rescued me from the accident and brought me there. I could not get myself for two days. ‘’
It was shocking. My phones were in the car, I did not have them with me. I only knew my wife’s number off-hand. I called her and she said she was at the accident scene because someone had called her from my phone. It was through my phones and the calendars in the car, I think, that the people who later came figured out it was me,” the man of God explained.
Prophet Samuel asserted that he was in perfect health condition. “I am in fine condition as you can see. I did not sustain any injury as you can see and I am unscathed. I drove here to Lagos yesterday, so you can see I am very fine,” he said.
“This is a true miracle. The Lord delivered me; it is the sheer work of God. God knows why he sent that man to come to my aid. I can’t imagine how it would have been had the man not taken me away from the crashed car,” he said.
Asked about the other car that crashed with his, “I don’t know what happened to the car. I don’t even know what kind of vehicle it was and I haven’t seen or heard anything about the vehicle. I just glorify God for saving me and protecting me,” Prophet Samuel said.
He averred that he is still amazed at the wonderful power of God because what had happened to him was a miracle. He also extends his appreciations to all the people who have been calling and sending messages to show concern.
“I did not know how well-known I am around the world. This thing opened my eyes. People were calling across the globe, sending mails and text messages. I am happy to be alive and well. Though there were reports that I met my death in the accident. It is not true, I am alive and very sound by the grace of God Almighty. When you abide under the shadow of the Almighty, you are protected,” he said.

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