Nightclub Bust-Up: Wenger Wants Wilshere Explanation

wenger-wilshere_1616736aFollowing a show of embarrassment and assault involving Arsenal FC’s midfielder Jack Wilshere in early hour of Sunday outside exclusive London hotspot Cafe de Paris, the handler of Arsenal Football Club, Arsene Wenger is ready to hear the Englishman out before taking a decision whether to penalise him or not.
The 24-year-old’s latest misdemeanour came on a night out with friends where they were kicked out of a nightclub in London
But there is a growing feeling in Arsenal FC that patience is beginning to wear out with the England midfielder.
Notwithstanding, Wilshere’s future at Arsenal is not in doubt despite the latest in a long line of controversies which have dogged his career.
Wilshere, who finally made his return to Arsenal training this afternoon, after a broken leg sent him off the pitch for some time, denied any form of assault on him.
But it is understood officials are taking a dim view of the incident.
But while Gunners manager Arsene Wenger wants to hear his side of the story before taking action, he is not impressed with the 24-year-old’s behaviour.
Wilshere has upset Wenger in the past after being caught smoking, and also received a police warning for attempting to spit on a taxi driver.
Arsenal regards the incident as a private matter that will be dealt with internally.

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