Nigerian, 50 stabbed by 14 year-old boy in England

imageThis is the moment a 14-year-old schoolboy was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after a science teacher was stabbed in a classroom in front of horrified pupils.
The teenager was taken into custody in Bradford City Centre after a large manhunt following the incident at Dixons Kings Academy.
Vincent Uzomah, a married father-of-two, remains in hospital after being stabbed in the stomach in an alleged row over a mobile phone before a science class at around 9am.
The 50-year-old Nigerian national had only joined the school four weeks before being stabbed by a youngster with what police believe was a kitchen knife.
Video footage of the moment the teenager was arrested was obtained by The Daily Mirror this evening.
In it, the youngster is seen being led away by uniformed police officers after being told he is being arrested on suspicion of attempted murder. A friend can be heard arguing with police before being told to step back.
He had earlier fled the school within seconds of the attack as emergency services brought Mr Uzomah to hospital where he remains in a stable condition.
Teachers later appealed for the boy to hand himself in and claimed he had brought a knife with him to school.
It has since emerged the child, who cannot be named for legal reasons, had been at the school for around a year and that there have been previous problems with his behaviour.
Described by police as Asian with short dark hair, he was said to have fled the school in his uniform shortly after the incident which took place at 8.50am.
Pupils in the Year 10 science class who witnessed the attack claimed it was the result of a row over a mobile phone.
Bradford teenager arrested on suspicion of attempted murder
One 13-year-old girl said she saw Mr Uzomah ‘hunched’ over in a corridor with blood pouring from his stomach.
‘We were in the classroom next door and it was really hectic and then we heard that a teacher had been stabbed by a student.’
Another said: ‘I heard the boy stabbed the teacher because he took his phone off him. I was disgusted.’

Following the incident this morning neighbours of Mr Uzomah, who lives with his wife Uduak Imeh-Uzomah and their children Samuel, 12, and Glory, 11, in a £150,000 semi-detached house in Leeds, described him as being friendly and a ‘lovely guy’.
The teacher worked across Bradford as a supply teacher to fund his own higher education, spending his spare time working towards a PhD at the University of Salford.
Last night friends said he had spoken in the past of pupils ‘naughty’ behaviour.
His next-door neighbour described him as a ‘lovely’ guy who is an asset to the community.
‘We have spoken about how naughty the children were,’ he added.
A woman who lives on the same street said: ‘I saw Vincent leave this morning as I have been outside all day decorating.
‘I often see him and his wife and children and they are all very friendly. I know that he is a teacher and I think he teaches all over.’
Police arrested the teenager six hours after he fled the school this afternoon after releasing an appeal for his whereabouts.
Speaking after his arrest this afternoon, Detective Superintendent Simon Atkinson, of West YorkshirePolice said: ‘We have just arrested a 14-year-old male in connection with this offence and he is currently in custody on suspicion of attempted murder.’
Another member of staff had called 999 after Mr Uzomah was stabbed in the stomach in the classroom shortly before his science lesson had begun.
Mr Atkinson said the teacher’s injuries were not thought to be life-threatening and said his family were with him at his hospital bedside.
He also raised concerns for the children who may have seen the attack, and said they were being helped by specially trained officers.
‘We’re speaking with the pupils there to see what they actually saw,’ Mr Atkinson said.
‘We’ve got a welfare issue to make sure we manage as well since they potentially witnessed something horrendous.’
The detective would not comment on whether police had recovered a knife or what help staff and pupils gave to the injured teacher. But he said the incident happened in a science class.
Superintendent Damien Miller said he wanted to offer his assurance to the people of Lidget Green, which he described as a close knit-community.
The attack took place at the start of the school day in a classroom and in front of a number of the boy’s fellow pupils, headteacher Neil Miley and executive principal Nick Weller confirmed in a press conference outside the school gates earlier this afternoon.
Mr Weller said: ‘It happened right at the beginning of the school day and there were some students who witnessed it. A few students witnessed it – in a classroom.’
Mr Weller said the teacher had been knifed ‘in the stomach area’, and said another member of staff was at the hospital with him.
‘The general atmosphere in school is very calm,’ he said. ‘We’re trying to keep things as normal as possible.’
‘This is a one off incident, totally out of the blue.’
Mr Weller added: ‘The site is secure. This is the first report of a weapon in school. I think it’s been brought in today.’
Appealing to the boy prior to the arrest, Mr Weller said: ‘The best thing for him to do is to give himself in and report to a police station because he will be caught and the sooner that he does that, probably the better for him.’
Mr Weller said that there had not been any incidents at the school which may have triggered the attack.
Mr Weller said: ‘The police are looking into the lead up to this incident, there was nothing in school that led up to it – there may have been other people outside the school who maybe knew something.’

Neil Miley, the school’s principal, said: ‘My thoughts are with the children and staff. The school is making sure that staff work together as a community.
Following authorisation from the police we are able to release further details of the serious incident that occurred first thing this morning.
‘A member of staff was assaulted with a knife by a 14-year-old student who then ran off the site. The member of staff is in hospital and his condition is described as stable, there is no internal bleeding. Our thoughts are with him and his family at this time.
‘We are working very closely with the police and our main priority at the moment is the well-being of our student and staff community and reassuring our parents.
‘All students are safe and calm and have responded with tremendous maturity during a very difficult time. Thank you to parents for the overwhelming support you have given us today. We will continue to update you as and when we are given more information.
‘There are counsellors on site. Paramedics were called immediately by a member of staff. The student immediately left the school site.
Asked why they kept the school open, Mr Weller said: ‘Because I think it’s important that we make sure there’s consistency for our students, as students need to be safe and secure.
‘And there’s support from staff on site, making sure our students are looked after, and they’ve responded with fantastic maturity.’
Mr Weller said a member of staff is at the hospital with the teacher while counsellors are on site supporting pupils.
He confirmed the suspect is a pupil at the school and has been studying there for a year.
The incident happened less than 20 miles from where teacher Ann Maguire, 61, was stabbed by pupil Will Cornick in April last year as she taught a Spanish lesson at Corpus Christi Catholic College in Leeds.
Police including specialist dog handlers were seen entering the school this morning, while one officer with a dog was seen searching waste ground next door to the school.
A number of uniformed police officers could be seen coming in and out of the school and a police helicopter was also deployed to help with the search.
Worried parents also visited the school, which is next to Bradford’s ambulance station, to make sure their children were safe, while the pupils were being kept in their classrooms as police combed the school for clues.
Father Tariq Iqbal said: ‘My son was in the classroom when it happened.
‘My son has been called to the police station to give a statement and I am going with him.
‘He hasn’t said anything to me yet about this matter.’
One shocked mother said: ‘You send kids to study and something like this happens.’
Another parent, who didn’t wish to be named, said: ‘The school haven’t told us anything.
‘I’ve come down to collect my daughter as I don’t want her around while this is going on.’
Shaqeel Ahmed who has a son in the same year as the boy, said: ‘I asked if I could take my son away but they said no.’
‘After this happened I don’t know if they are safe here.
‘I want to see my son to see if he is all right. He text my wife this morning and said “child stabbed teacher’, that’s all he said.
Tahir Jamil emerged from the school saying he had been reassured that his 15-year-old daughter was safe and meeting staff with around four other families.
‘They’ve explained everything to us now,’ he said.
‘Two of the teachers came out and explained everything to us.
‘They didn’t tell us what teacher it was but now I’m satisfied. I wanted to take my daughter with me but they assured us that the school is safe.’
The parents were being turned away from the school, and told there was nothing for them to worry about, while in a statement on its website, the school said other pupils and staff were not at risk.
Parents were also told by text message that the school would be finishing at the normal time of 3.30pm today.
‘A 999 call was received by Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust at 8.51am this morning to request help for a teacher who had been stabbed at Dixons Kings Academy in Bradford,’ a spokesman said.
‘An ambulance and clinical supervisor were dispatched immediately and a male patient was treated on scene and then conveyed to hospital for further care.’
Councillor David Green, Leader of Bradford Council, said: ‘The stabbing of a teacher at Dixons Kings Academy has deeply shocked and traumatised students, school colleagues and the wider community. Our thoughts are with them and the teacher’s family and friends.
‘Our first priority, working with the school and the police, was to make sure all the students in the school were safe. We immediately provided specialist support to the school staff and students, and this support will continue over the coming days and weeks.’
Kevin Courtney, deputy general secretary of the National Union of Teachers, said: ‘This is a dreadful incident. Our thoughts are with this teacher and his friends and family and with the students and colleagues at the school. It is always important to reflect on incidents like this to see if anything could have been done to prevent them, but to bear in mind that our schools are, in the main, places of calm and safety.’
Education Secretary Nicky Morgan has said her thoughts are with the injured teacher, his family and colleagues, as well as pupils.
‘My officials are currently in touch with the school and keeping me constantly updated on the situation and my department is ready and prepared to offer all necessary support,’ she said.
‘Violence of any kind in schools is totally unacceptable and this government is committed to building on the significant measures we have already taken to make sure our schools are safe for everyone in them.’
Mary Bousted, general secretary of the Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL), said she was ‘shocked and incredibly sad’ to hear of the incident.
‘Thousands of dedicated teachers are working in schools and colleges with our children and young people every day, and they should never have to face verbal or physical violence,’ she said.
‘Thankfully today’s events are extremely rare and schools are usually safe places for children and adults.
‘When we learn more about the circumstances, it may be that there are lessons to be learned, but for now, the teacher and his family, the pupils, staff and their families need our support.’
Ian Murch, of the National Union of Teachers (NUT) Bradford branch, which has members at the school, said: ‘Obviously people are shocked – they would be when an incident like this happens at a school. We hope it can be resolved without any more suffering or difficulties for anybody.’
He said the incident ‘does raise questions with people about safety and what can be done to improve safety’.
But Mr Murch also said that attacks remain relatively rare compared with somewhere like the United States in terms of incidents in schools, adding: ‘We have to hope it stays that way.’
Formerly Kings Science Academy, the school was taken over by the Dixons Academy chain, which runs a number of schools, in January.
It had been one of the first 24 free schools to open in the country in 2011 and was praised by Prime Minister David Cameron when he visited the following year.
But in early 2013 its first Ofsted inspection found that it required improvement and later that year a Department for Education audit report was leaked which contained allegations of fraud.
A West Yorkshire Police investigation was launched and three former members of staff have since been charged and await trial – including the school’s founder and former principal Sajid Raza.
The school was told it needed to improve following an Ofsted inspection in December.
In January of this year Dixons – an established academy chain in Bradford – took over as lead sponsor of the school resulting in it changing its name to Dixons Kings.
Since the takeover, the school has been praised for improving behaviour and attendance among pupils, as well as plans to expand its curriculum.
Inspectors who visited the school, which has more than 700 pupils, in April said it was on its way to improving in a letter to new head teacher Neil Miley, who had formerly taught at Dixons Allerton.
Death that shocked the country: Teacher Ann Maguire, 61, was killed by pupil Will Cornick who stabbed her in the back as she taught a Spanish Class at Corpus Christi Catholic College
Teacher Ann Maguire, 61, was stabbed by pupil Will Cornick in April last year as she taught a Spanish lesson at Corpus Christi Catholic College in Leeds, less than 20 miles from
Cornick, who was 15 at the time, boasted to his friends he was going to kill her and winked to his classmate before he launched into the attack on the mother-of-two.
His rampage was stopped only by the heroic actions of a female teacher, who dragged Mrs Maguire away from him as pupils fled screaming.
After the killing he told psychiatrists he ‘couldn’t give a s***’ and added: ‘Everything I’ve done is fine and dandy.’
Cornick was said to have had a good family background with ‘decent and responsible parents’ – but wanted to be caught and jailed to avoid future worries about life and money.
The murder was branded a ‘monumental act of cowardice and evil’ and Cornick was sentenced to a minimum of 20 years in prison before he is considered for release. But the judge, Mr Justice Coulson, warned him: ‘It’s quite possible that day may never come.’
In 1995, headteacher and father-of-four Philip Lawrence was knifed to death outside outside St George’s Roman Catholic School in north west London by Learco Chindamo. The teacher had gone to help a 13-year-old pupil who was being assaulted.
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