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Nigeria, Ghana, others to send soldiers to Gambia if Jammeh fails to step down

ECOWAS commission’s president, Marcel de Souza has said that West Africa’s regional bloc has put standby forces on alert in case Gambian president Yahya Jammeh does not step down when his mandate ends on Jan. 19.

Jammeh has vowed to stay in power in spite of losing a Dec. 1 election to rival Adama Barrow.
He worried that the regional powers may intervene to oust him if diplomacy does not succeed in persuading him to leave.

“We have put standby forces on alert if he does not step down on Jan. 19 when his mandate ends.
“No one has the right to oppose the will of the people,’’ De Souza told newsmen.

Barrow’s surprise victory and Jammeh’s initial decision to concede after 22 years in power was seen across Africa as a moment of hope.

Report says the president changed his mind a week later and said again on Tuesday that he would not step down, rebuffing efforts by West African leaders to persuade him.

Jammeh’s camp could not immediately be reached for comment, but he has said the electoral count was flawed and that ECOWAS has no right to meddle in Gambia’s internal affairs.

“The regional bloc has mandated Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari as mediator to offer Jammeh an “honourable exit”, but if he does not take it then forces might be deployed,’’ De Souza said.

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