NERC increases electricity tariffs

Weeks after the Minster of Power, Works and Housing, Babatunde Raji Fashola hinted Nigerians that there would be an increase in electricity tariffs, the Nigeria Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC), has announced various rate of increment in electricity tariff alongside the removal of fixed charges in the energy across the nation. The Commission noted that power users would only pay for what they consume.
Confirming this development on Monday, NERC stated that from the next billing period, power distribution companies would no longer charge their customers monthly fixed charges.
Fixed charge is that component of the tariff that commits electricity consumers to paying an approved amount of money not minding whether electricity is consumed during the billing period.
Outlining the rates of increase in tariffs for various customer classes in selected locations across the country, NERC said, “For instance, residential customer classification (R2) in Abuja Electricity Distribution Company will no longer pay N702 fixed charge every month. Their energy charge will increase by N9.60.
“Also, residential customers (R2 customers) in Eko and Ikeja electricity distribution areas will no longer pay N750 fixed charges. They will be getting N10 and N8 increase respectively in their energy charges. Similarly, the burden of N800 and N750 fixed charges would be lifted off the shoulders of Kaduna and Benin electricity consumers. These consumers will see an increase of N11.05 and N9.26 respectively in their energy charges.”
This comes less than a week after the House of Representatives asked NERC to stop plans to increase electricity tarrifs.

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