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“My wife steals my money to play baba Ijebu”-Husband tells court


A mild drama was played out at the Agege Customary Court when a middle aged man, Mr. Momoh Abdul Ganiyu told the court that his wife, Mrs. Doris has been stealing his money to play local gamble game popularly called baba Ijebu in local parlance.

He said that contrary to his earlier believe that he was married to responsible woman but her behaviour is that of a   criminal. “I never knew that I was married to a criminal for 3 years. She constantly steals my money to play baba ijebu.” Aside of this, he continues, “she is a street fighter. She almost throws my co-tenant wife from our one story apartment for the quick intervention of neighbours who averted the tragic,” Mohom recounts.

He is praying that the court dissolve his three years marriage which is blessed with a son owing to lack of respect, constant stealing and fighting. Momoh gave the court the knife that his wife tries to use to stab him.

The petitioner, who came to the court with a swollen face that was banged, gave a graphic account when his wife out of annoyance attempted to bite off his eyes, according to him it was by God’s grace that made her to miss his eyes when her teeth landed on his cheek.

“My wife is very troublesome, when I was asking her to return my stolen money, she refused. In the ensuing argument,  she attempted to bite my eyes but God saved me that she missed her target.  She bites my cheek continuously with her mouth full of blood, while I was heavily bleeding from the teeth attack,” Momoh opined.

In her defence, Mrs. Momoh said that problem started when she lost her job. She explained that her husband is a tight-fisted man that only gives her N50 for daily upkeep. She added anytime she demands for a raise; he would turn her into his bouncing bag.

The defender display a hotel receipt and a empty pack of condom that he alleging used to the court, stressing that the petitioner preferred to use his salary on hotel and with women of easy virtue.

“My husband doesn’t care about me and our son. He only drops N50 or N100 a day for my feeding and my son. This condition had made her to resort into begging her family member for feeding. He preferred to use his money in hotel. When he is very happy, he would drop N3000 for monthly feeding,” she said.

She went on to refute the claims of her husband that she is a chronic gambler that she often steal his money to play baba ijebu. She pointed out that the baba ijebu receipt that her husband gave the court as exhibit was not hers. That her son picked it on the floor insisting that he just want to give her a bad name.

The court was shunned when she narrated that her husband after impregnating her asked her to abort it or risked being push out of her matrimonial home. According to her when his antics failed, he resorted to punching and kicking of her belly in order to forcefully abort the pregnancy.

In her word, “When I was pregnant for him, he told me that due to his present condition he can’t fathered any child.  To make sure I lose the pregnancy, he often punched and kicked my belly.

“He gave me N4000 and introduced me to his friend, one Momoh that took me to a hospital in Ishaga area of Lagos where I had the abortion. I did it because he threatens to kill me if I don’t.

The president of the court, Mr. Emmanuel Shokunle urged both parties to maintain peace and later adjourned the case till 3rd October for further hearing.

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