My actress wife takes three bottles of beer before breakfast -Husband


It was like a drama at the Agege Customary Court some weeks back when a 29-year old actress, Mrs. Enitan Ogunkeye and her 43-year old husband, Mr. Adekunle Ogunkeye, a civil servant exchanged words over their drinking habit. Indeed, revelations from the couple were more than a drama.

According to the wife, “My husband drinks a lot and anytime he drinks, he always misbehaves.

He has lost respect and reduced in size due to his drinking habit. He has been disgraced many times in public because of his drinking habit. He is popular in the neighbourhood and many people, especially street urchins and touts know him as a drunkard. In fact he almost lost his job because of his drinking habit.”

In a quick response to his wife’s accusation, the husband responded thus: “I agree with her that I am a drunkard but what I believe is that the pot cannot call the kettle black. We are both drunkards and we both drink together. My wife is a drunkard too. Typically before breakfast, she takes three bottles.”

Mrs. Enitan Ogunkeye is seeking for dissolution of her marriage to Mr. Adekunle Ogunkeye due because of constant beating, drunkenness and other irreconcilable differences. Enitan also accused her husband of not being faithful with the issue of money.

She said her husband squandered the N800, 000 she gave him on for accommodation without securing any accommodation. Her words: “He has been behaving funning since we started our relationship.

I got pregnant two months after we started dating and because of that we both agreed that we should get an accommodation. I gave him N100, 000 to add to the money with him to get an accommodation, but rather than getting the accommodation he said he lent his brother the money. Because of his inability to get the accommodation, I gave birth to our first child in my father’s house. During the naming ceremony, he prevented his family from attending the ceremony, saying that they don’t do naming ceremony in their family.

“After I had my first child, because of his inability to get the accommodation, we moved to his sister’s house. While we were in his sister’s house, I collected N500, 000 from my father and gave it to him to get another accommodation. I gave him the money and he used part of it to buy a car.

When I asked him about the balance, he told me he had spent it. I struggled to get another N200, 000 and gave it to him. He spent the money again. “During the pregnancy of our second child, my husband was able to secure accommodation with a loan he got from his office.

After getting the accommodation, he could not furnish it. So for us to be comfortable, I was the one that furnished the apartment with about N105, 000. A few weeks later, I gave birth at home because he could not afford hospital bill.My husband disappeared on the day of the naming ceremony and it was my father that sponsored the naming ceremony. In annoyance, I packed out of his house the second day and left for my father’s house. “I cannot continue to live with this man. We are always fighting because of money.I am tired and I can no longer tolerate him. I once lied to me that he was being owed three months salary and I was the one taking care of the family. I was surprised one day when I checked his phone and saw his bank transaction alerts, stating how he received and spent money, including his salaries. When I confronted him, he lied and denied all the transactions. I was annoyed and stopped taking responsibility for the family.”

Responding to the allegations raised by his wife, Adekunle agreed to receiving N800,000 from his wife and told the court he could not account for the money because both of them squandered the larger part of it at various joints and at home on frivolities, drinking alcohol and patronising fast food joints.

His words: “It is true that she gave me N100, 000, N500, 000 and N200, 000 at different occasions for accommodation but both of us spent the money on frivolities.Except a car that we bought from the money for about N340, 000, we spent the larger part of the remaining money on drinks and fast food. Anytime, I go out, she always asks me to buy pepper soup, fried chicken and junk food for her.I also take her to different joints and we buy lots of drinks. “My wife is a wasteful spender. As an actress, she sees herself as celebrity despite the fact that she is not well known in the movie industry. She only appeared as waka pass in few movies. Anytime she is celebrating her birthday, we always invite musicians. During our last naming ceremony, I told her that I did not have money but she insisted on having an elaborate ceremony, saying that prominent actresses will attend her event. But nobody turned up that day. We squandered the money together.” The matter was adjourned till September 17, 2013.

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