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Linda Ikeji Denies Her Loudly Claimed N500M Mansion

The famous blogger Linda Ikeji has denied the ownership of the mansion in Banana Island that she once claimed to worth 500 Million.

Linda Ikeji
Linda Ikeji

This denial, according to information generated, was prompted when quizzed by the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) authorities for owing a cumulated tax bill of N75 million.
News of the people had sometimes ago reported that Linda had been evading tax payment and every effort made by (FIRS) to serve her letter was futile as non of her addresses were valide.
A source in the FIRS was quoted to have revealed that the celebrity blogger had for some time, been evading tax payment.
The media outlet reports that the blogger has now been mandated by FIRS to pay the money into the agency’s coffers.
The famous blogger purchased the choice property in October 2015 and revealed back then that it was worth well over N500m.
The revenue agency has purportedly initiated measures to prosecute her in a court of law if she refuses to pay the N75m.

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