Jimoh Ibrahim bites the bullet, winds down Newswatch Times

Jimoh IbrahimIt can be authoritatively revealed that this is not the best of time for the Ondo state businessman Jimoh Ibrahim. Infor!mation has it that the businessman has finally bitten the bullet as he has concluded plans to shut down Newswatch Times, a paper he vowed to revive and make the best in Africa.
It was exclusively gathered that no fewer than 200 staff are to be relieved of their employment with about 14-month salary arrears.
The businessman is said to be proposing of retaining about 10 staff to continue the digital online edition.
All this development is a pointer that things are not going well with the Mr Turn Around and the gist on the lips of his workers is the the Igbotako man is broke.
This is more so that his Ondo gubernatorial race ambition seems to have has gone up in flame as he could hardly sustain the political structure to oil the ambition.

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