How OMAWUMI attacked me – photo journalist recounts ordeal


Hyped singer and Glo Ambassador, Omawumi is in the news again and this time for the wrong reasons. Two weeks ago at a music award ceremony held in Ikeja area of Lagos, the singer went berserk and she threw all decorum into gutter to engage a photo journalist in a physical assault reminiscent of a militant. The drama that lasted few minutes left the journalist battered in the face and his camera smashed beyond repairs.  

After weeks of the incident, it is still an irony that respected celebrities especially Omowumi will get away doing the negative unexpected of a brand ambassador with impunity. It looks like our so-called stars will come out seemingly unscathed even when they must have spent some time behind bars, still having their careers intact or even attracting more brands’ endorsements.

The matter of  Omowumi’s weird attitude was visited on Adekola Bamigbala, a recognized photojournalist. When Bamgbala had positioned to take shots of Omawumi, little did he know that danger was lurking for him, as he was bruised, with a swollen face; all thanks to popular female singer and Bottom Belle crooner, Omawumi Megbele.

Omawumi, a GLO Ambassador, was also a guest of the organizers and she was already seated with celebrity singers of her status when Bamigbala noticed her. Obeying the professional instinct not to miss taken shots of the prized singer, he moved closer to her table and positioned his camera for the task. But before the first click aimed at Omawumi could resonate, the photo guy, who had been lost in the euphoria, begun absorbing strange flashes himself. Omawumi had pounced on him, snatched his big camera and with it, dealing him heavy strikes in the face in quick succession!

Other guests who were close to the spot, like Wasiu Alabi Pasuma were said to have been amazed by Omawumi’s action. The victim is also in shock, still desperate to know why the lady behaved in that manner without a bit of provocation.

Speaking with News of the people, Bamgbala explained that a formal letter has been lodged with Nigeria Union of Journalist for further action and possible legal redress, saying he is still nursing the wounds inflicted on his eyes.

It was however gathered that Omawumi’s manager, Sunday Are once suspected to be her bed warmer had since been engaging dirty politics to wash the singer of her dirty behaviour. All effort to speak with Are was unsuccessful as his mobile phone was switched off.

For the record, Omawumi was recently embroiled in paternity scandal. Therefore, the media obviously have become her number-one enemy as journalists feasted well on her rather bizarre choice not to disclose who the father of her first baby is. 

Bamgbala howver spoke with News of the People in interview, excerpts

Can you tell us what really happened between you and the popular Female singer Omawunmi Magbele at City People Entertainment Award?
On that faithful day at City people Entertainment award to be precise; I was there just like other colleagues of mine to cover the event and I’ve taken lots of pictures of celebrities that were there  and when I saw Omawumi, I decided to take her photograph being a music star.  Before I click a shot  she went violent and attacked me by hitting my camera in my face. In the process my camera got spoilt because the flash of the camera got broken and the memory card of my camera got lost. I swear with the Holy Bible that I did not do anything wrong and I can’t figure out what really went wrong. She should come out and state categorically what I’ve done wrong that made her to react in that manner because she almost made me go blind if not for the grace of God.  I am still curious about what could have made her to go beserk.
Was she in a wrong posture or May be she did put on an exposed cloth when you were trying to take her photograph?
No, there was nothing like that, she was seated beside Waje and Pasuma, she was not in any bad posture or act. Being a professional photographer  I was only  giving  her the privilege, so that she can be included in the pictures of the event to be published . And the  job is to take good and bad photographs.
What was her reaction after she hit you, did she feel remorse?
When you do something that is  wrong there are ways you react, there were some people that condemned her action but I wouldn’t want to mention names, they saw it but they did not do anything. May be they didn’t know who I was or so. But by now they will be reading it in the news and the case is heading to court. I believe that no judge on earth can  decide on the case, the Almighty God in heaven will judge the case, because he is the creator of the heaven and earth as well as our creator. Moreover nemesis will catch up with me if I’m lying against her.
What has Nigerian Union of Journalist (NUJ) done concerning this case?
I have made official report to the NUJ throughour professional association of Photo Journalist Association and I am sure she would be contacted in due course. On my personal capacity,  I’ve contacted my lawyers, sot I’m just waiting for NUJ and our association to give a clear signal of my move to seek redress.
It means you can’t tell us the next line of action?
The next step is to seek redress, that one is a must and I’m going to sue her to the court of law, so that she will know the gravity of what she has done. For God’s sake we don’t know each other from Adam, I’m a family man and with my ten years in the profession I’ve not scandalized anybody before, why should somebody like her that call herself an ambassador and a role model do such to me. As I am, I’m still going through pain because my right eye is still paining me seriously. I can never forget her because since that day I could not make use of the camera.
What is your last comment about Omawumi’s action as you know that she is ambassador to many brands in the country?
If you are a role model and Ambassador there are some qualities you must possess, she is ambassador to Mortein insecticide and Globalcom telecommunication, but the organization have not taken any step concerning this, God should save us from this country. What is the relevant of her ambassadorial role she’s claiming. She did not deserve to be a role model and ambassador. I’ve seen many role models , they don’t behave like touts. A violent person like Omawumi  should not be a role model and ambassador to a serious corporate organization. Before any one is made a role model, they should look at the person’s background and his or her integrity  in the society.

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  1. This Omawumi self. Warri babe that’s found fame and fortune but she is still from the gutter sha!

  2. Omawunmi is an Edo lady not worry, so get your facts right aproko. Also it is also a fool like you that will believe everything written online. Where you there when she did this? Fool

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