Former Lagos State First Lady In SHOW OF SHAME

A drama ensued at a quiet exclusive salon on Muri Okunola Street/ Etim Inyan str. in Victoria Island, Lagos when a former first lady for only one year Gladys Ndubuisi Kanu held all users of the salon to hostage with the help of an armed police corporal. The drama first started when she insisted to be addressed as Her Excellency and insisted that all salon workers must not speak or attend to any other customers.

former first lady for a year, Gladys Ndubuisi Kanu
former first lady for a year, Gladys Ndubuisi Kanu

This is not the first time this woman whom many claims needs psychiatric attention has tormented ordinary Nigerians and workers.
However, her mental instability took another dimension this time. She has been oppressing people around Victoria Island for years and has sent many innocent people to detention at the Barbeach police station. However, she met her match on this fateful Friday evening as she attacked a young teenager in the salon and prevented her from getting an appointment as Gladys insisted that the salon worker must not speak or she will get the salon attendant arrested by the police.

the salon where the scene took place
the salon where the scene took place

The young teenager was shocked at the aggression, called her mother who was immediately insulted by Gladys. Another client of the salon called the salon worker and Gladys attacked and abused her too. Gladys lost her mind in the salon and started shouting like a market vendor; This is a woman who calls herself a UK trained accountant. She was dropping names and promised to deal with any client who dare speaks again, said an eyewitness.
A client who dared to talk was the teenager`s mother who requested for Gladys to respect herself and keep her voice down.Gladys now realized the woman was a Yoruba woman as she she was taking a call and speaking yoruba. Then Gladys started her tribalistic angle and told the woman to leave the salon because it belongs to an Ibo chief. she also asked the Ibo salon workers not to attend to her but they all ignored her, the eyewitness reports
She then called the DPO at Barbeach Station and asked him to come and arrest the Client. She later insulted clients in the salon, called them unprintable names while speaking to the DPO. she did not realize she was being recorded with a Client’s phone. After five minutes on the phone to the DPO, the client told her she is a Yoruba from lagos State and cannot be arrested in her state for no crime hence advised Gladys to return to her State rather than terrorizing indigenes in their State. She then said even Ambode, Tinubu and the Oba of Lagos cannot dare speak to her because she has lived in lagos for some years and bought a Rolls Royce that they didn’t have. she said yoruba people are local and all the best buildings & Investments in Lagos belong to Ibos.
She said no Yoruba person can ever face her, she said Lagosians are fools and Lagos is for everybody. She said Yoruba people suffer from inferiority complex
She then told them that all the police are on her payroll after which she called an armed police corporal Isiaka Yakula to enter into the salon and the reserved area for women only where they do massage with women mostly half naked. Gladys now brought the poor young police corporal there and many clients now stood up to her and asked the police corporal to leave the salon or they would call the IG. One Client had already called Aisha Buhari`s Chief of Staff and called the SGF`s office. Some people called the CP Lagos, others the AIG zone 2, someone even called the psychiatric hospital in Yaba for assistance as Clients released she had lost it. She screamed like a mad woman, running around with her face like masquerade. The police officer was embarrassed.

the armed policeman, corporal Isiaka Yakula
the armed policeman, corporal Isiaka Yakula
the armed policeman, corporal Isiaka Yakula
the armed policeman, corporal Isiaka Yakula

Eventually, the manager of the salon played a great role to ensure calm in the salon as some clients left.
We understand one of the Client is a hghly APC leader and has sworn to have Gladys Removed from Lagos and strip her of her chieftancy title. The woman dropped bombshell when she said President Buhari is afraid of her husband not to talk of all and any Lagos state governors because none of them has the record her husband has in Lagos and Nigeria at large.
However, a client at the salon, who is a lawyer, recorded few of the libelous statements and intends to sue Gladys for N500m in libel suit.
This incident happened between 4:30 pm to 5:00 pm on Friday, 3rd of June 2016.

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