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Ekojara online raffle to add value to Nigerian consumers

To give Nigerians an opportunity to meet their aspirations with little risk, an online consumer sales promotion platform called Ekojara game, was recently unveiled in Lagos.

To play the game, an intending player will have to download the application on iTunes iOS store and Android version from The platform is owned by Koborise App Technologies Ltd.

Speaking at the media launch, Co-Founder/CEO of Ekojara, Mr. Hillary Nwaukor, disclosed that the game is the company’s means to add value to millions of Nigerians.

According to Nwaukor, Ekojara is a unique platform that gives users an opportunity to win big value items and cash with minimum risk of 0.20 per cent of the published value; this is a predetermined amount of money that user pays for each ticket they buy.

“For instance, if we publish a cash game of N10,000, each user that wants to bid to win the prize will be required to play with 0.20 per cent of N10,000 which is equal to N20 per chance,” he said.

“After downloading the app, the user is required to sign-up, then top-up their wallets with minimum of N500 before taking a chance to play the advertised games,” he explained.

Also, Ekojara Co-Founder, Olayemi Agbe-Davies, explained that the game categories range from Household Electronics, Smartphones, Recharge Cards, Data Plan, Automobiles and Cash.

“You may notice that we have real estate and automobile listed among the categories. Yes, we are a forward thinking organisation and believe that very soon, ‘players’ can win houses as rewards likewise automobiles.”

Speaking at the event, the General Manager/Chief Executive Officer of LSLB, Mr. Seun Anibaba, confirmed that Koborise has been authorized to commence the online game.

Mr. Anibaba was represented at the media launch by the Head, Legal (Board Secretary/Legal Adviser), Mrs. Adebanke Ogunode, said that the Board maintains strict processes before such platforms are approved as means to ensure transparency and customer satisfaction.

“LSLB holds its licensees to high operational standards in the interest of stakeholders. Before Ekojoara was approved, it was subject to different tests,” Anibaba said.

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