Congo Brazzaville Presidential Election: Protest Against Nomination Of Sassou

"Congo is not the property of Nguesso" reads one of the placards from protests in October
“Congo is not the property of Nguesso” reads one of the placards from protests in October
Ahead of Presidential election Due for March in Congo Brazzaville, report reveals that there has been a heavy protest from opposition groups against the incumbent President Denis Sassou Nguesso running for third term in office.
The protesters were spurred to action after the ruling party has named long-serving President Denis Sassou Nguesso as its candidate for the coming elections.

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A French Newspaper, la Monde quoted one of the protesters, Clement Mierassa saying “We are sad and disappointed to see that Mr Sassou Nguesso wants to continue without respect for the law… He goes into this election without any legitimacy. His message is clear: ‘I came to power by force and that’s where I will stay.”
However, last year, more than 92% of voters in a referendum approved constitutional changes that allow President Denis Sassou Nguesso to run for a third term.
The opposition described that vote as a sham, and tens of thousands of people took part in peaceful demonstrations against the move.

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