Celestial Church Crisis: Board of Trustees State Stand

10037_r720_5401) In view of the apparent misunderstanding and misrepresentations that have arisen in respect of the recent judgment of Ilaro High Court involving the Church and one Mr. Godwin Bolanle Shonekan delivered on the 26th March, 2015, it has become necessary to educate the generality of the members of the Church about the judgment and the implications thereof.

2) Following Mr. Godwin Bolanle Shonekan’s pretention to be the Pastor of the Celestial Church of Christ Worldwide and his forceful disruption of the Church service in December, 2005 at the Holy City of Imeko, the CCC BOT Worldwide contested his claims and referred the matter to the High Court in Ilaro, Ogun State Judiciary for adjudication. The ultimate objective was to restrain him and also prevent future similar occurrences.

3) On March 26,2015 the trial judge, A. O. Asenuga, ruled that the self-proclamation of Mr. Godwin Bolanle Shonekan as Pastor of the Church was illegal, unconstitutional, null and void. The Court further ruled that appointment of a Pastor in the Church needs re-articulation in a new Constitution. Consequently, the trial judge set aside all claims to the position of the Pastor of the Church. In this regard, the Board of Trustees, as one of the defendants, has already appealed against the Court ruling.

4) Meanwhile, the inadequacies in the current Constitution of the Church are being addressed as suggested in an earlier Supreme Court ruling.

B. S/E TOSHO OSHOFFA: The Pastor that never is

5) On Wednesday, 10th June, 2015 Senior Evangelist Tosho Oshoffa, attempted to declare himself the new Pastor of Celestial Church of Christ Worldwide. The opportunity to declare himself as pastor in the Holy City of Imeko was never given and he left with his followers. On Monday 22nd June, 2015 he renewed his attempt to impose himself as the Pastor of the Celestial Church of Christ Worldwide I in Adanitan but to no avail again.

6) We wish to make it crystal clear that the action of Senior Evangelist Tosho Oshoffa did not and does not receive the imagined or real approval and blessing of the Board of Trustees as body corporate acting on behalf of the Church, or the Pastor-in-Council. The Board of Trustees not only considers the action of Senior Evangelist I Tosho Oshoffa a rebellion against constituted authority, but especially as an action aimed at causing chaos and disaffection in the Celestial Church of Christ as a whole. The self-declaration directly negates the, High Court ruling and can constitute a contempt of Court.

7) However, the Board of Trustees is handling all matters affecting the Church appropriately. Consequently, all Parishes are hereby advised to discountenance any publication, proclamation and/or directives that may be issued by the said Senior Evangelist Tosho Oshoffa either by himself, agents or privies, as such publication, proclamation and/or directives are made mala fide and of no effect.

8) By the same token, all claims and publications either by Mr. Godwin Bolanle Shonekan or whosoever to the seat of the Pastor of Celestial Church of Christ Worldwide are unlawful and baseless and an attempt to deceive and/or confuse the unsuspecting members of the public and the Church.

9) There is no undue cause for alarm. All functionaries of the Church are advised to remain at their posts and do all within their ability to keep the Church of God operating peacefully and more efficiently.

10) Any Parish seeking advice or directive on any matter should refer to the Secretary, Board of Trustees, who will ensure that the matter receives appropriate action from the appropriate quarters,

May the Spirit of God abide with you all in Jesus name – Amen,

Yours in Christ,

Superior Evang. Bola A. Akinterinwa
Member & Secretary, Board of Trustees

Superior Evang. Pius OlarewaJu
Member & Treasurer, Board of Trustees

Superior Evang. John R. Omotosho
Member, Board of Trustees

Superior Evang. Samson O. Banjo
Member, Board of Trustees

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