British Govt. Revisits Pastor Ashimolowo’s KICC Fraud Case

Nigerian-born, London-based Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo is the charismatic and well-advertised Senior Pastor and General Overseer of Kingsway International Christian Centre, (KICC) with headquarters in London and many branches all over the world. His church, no doubt, has been making exploits through his powerful and awe-inspiring messages. But that is as far as it goes, as years back, a very unpleasant and disappointing news that bordered on fraud and financial mal-practices was serially reported about this avant garde man of God. The fraud case, as damaging as it was then, on the propriety of Pastor Ashimolowo, soon fizzled out of circulation and a momentary respite was restored for the then embattled Matthew Ahimolowo.

The story emanating now has however shown that Ashimolowo’s fraud case of very huge amount involved, is being revisited by the British government, and this time around, fresh facts are at hand that could ultimately nail the pastor for what he is being accused of. The genesis of the story is not far-fetched. It would be recalled that when the City of London won the much-coveted bid for the hosting rights of the next Olympic Games years back, certain areas of East London were ear-marked for development and renovation. Unfortunately, the KICC church, headed by Pastor Matthew, amongst other properties, fell among those to be demolished. By way of compensation, owners of houses and properties in this area were paid off and very handsomely too. Pastor Ashimolowo, it was believed, made a staggering and whopping amount in millions of pounds, from the pay-off, and that was the beginning of his predicament in the hands of the British government. The money he made from the pay-off was so much that the KICC pastor, in no time created an enviable charity status for the church, through many questionable, charitable ventures and even went back, like an Oliver Twist, to the British government to ask for more compensation, which he allegedly got. Meanwhile, Ashimolowo has accordingly relocated his fast-growing church to another area in the London City, planting more vibrant branches with pastors and more church workers, while he still remains the pastor and founder of the Kings International Christian Centre, KICC-Worldwide.

With the attendant fortunes and miscellaneous monies coming in from both left, right and the centre, to Ashimolowo via his church, KICC, it was only natural for the British government to beam their searchlight on the activities of Pastor Matthew and his church, given the stupendous amount at his disposal, coupled with the expensive charitable courses he has severally championed and still championing. As it stands now, the British government is still carefully probing the books and scrutinizing the various spendings of Ashimolowo to ascertain the genuineness and legality of the income of Pastor Ashimolowo. This and many more are believed to have informed the British government’s decision to re-visit Ashimolowo and his KICC’s activities vis-a-viz financial impropriety as it were. The probing and scrutiny are still going on as you read this, even as Pastor Ashimolowo is said not to be at ease over the new development.

You will recall that about five years ago, this magazine extensively regaled you with how a massive fraud, allegedly perpetrated by Pastor Ashimolowo, was uncovered in London by the authorities. Then he was said to be fast making it into the Guinness Book of Records as probably the richest pastor in the word. This was an account of the enormous wealth and riches allegedly traced to the London-based pastor. We reported then that the embattled pastor was being paid more than £250,000 a year to run an evangelical and Pentecostal church which was at the centre of a messy financial scandal running into millions of pounds, through means that were allegedly at variance with the real intention of the church, which is about winning souls for God, at no expense or monetary consideration.

At that time, a London tabloid was reported to have screamed on its cover that Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo, then 54, earned between £250,000 and £260,000 from KICC for only the financial year ending September 2005, an amount many found too ridiculous for a pastor to earn in just one year.

As it were then, following the many suspicions of financial misdeeds by Pastor Matthew and KICC, the church was investigated by the Charity Commission, which surprisingly uncovered serious financial irregularities, two years back, and as penalty, Pastor Matthew, being its founder, was summarily ordered to pay £200,000 back to the Christian centre.

Investigators had found out that he used a church credit card to buy a timeshare in Florida, and got £120,000 to celebrate his birthday, just as he transferred hundreds of thousands of pounds abroad. In the same vein, the financial statements of the church was said to have shown that on KICC employee, name withheld, but believed to be Pastor Ashimolowo’s right hand man, also received an annual salary of between £250,000 and £260,000.

Back home in Nigeria, the punk hair-style wearing pastor, has been investing heavily in properties. On Opebi Road, Ikeja, Lagos he has a glass skyscraper which is conservatively put at a cost of N100 million. In Osun state, where he hails from, the charismatic pastor has been injecting millions of naira into the development of several hectares of land which is being proposed for a University campus. The place is called Land of Dreams. The Land of Dreams covers an extensive land mass of over five hectares and the rate at which work has been going on there is very fast and nearing completion for the University to take off in earnest, barring any unforeseen circumstances. He is also said to be a silent principal shareholder in many blue-chip companies and top banks in Nigeria and abroad.

But since the lid was blown on him years back and the recent one by the British Government, the man of God at KICC has been more frequent in Nigeria, investing heavily in the system, even with the inclement and unfriendly economic business climate in the country.

Against all these backgrounds, Pastor Ashimolowo’s fortunes still keep on soaring, with a monthly special service organized for him by his Lagos-based church in Maryland, Lagos, just as one of his members, speaking in his capacity as KICC’s lawyer said that the amount he is said to be collecting is even too small and that if for anything he wholly deserves it. He says there is no one way one can qualify or calculate the amount Pastor Matthew collects on a yearly basis, as he is not a staff under anybody, who is fixed to a particular salary over a period of time. It is even laughable that someone can sit down and conjure or peg a particular amount as Pastor Ashimolowo’s salary or income per year. How did they arrive at the figure, if they were not trying to be mischievous? It all about envy and unnecessary reproach of a man of God whose profile in the vineyard of God has kept on rising.

KICC was founded by Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo in 1992 with just 200 members. The church now has many branches in London alone, with other branches all over the world. In the headquarters in London alone, where Pastor Matthew superintends, the church attracts over 20,000 worshippers on its Sunday services with four sessions of different congregations. His collection of cars includes state-of-the-art machines like bullet-proof Hummer Jeep, Porsche Cayean Jeep, Range Rover Vogue Sport, not leaving out his super taste for power dressing in top notch designer wears.

The British Government will soon come out with its findings on Pastor Ashimolowo’s alleged financial misdeeds and if found wanting he will definitely go in for it.

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  1. Quite unfortunate how you took Pastor Ashimolowo to your court and served as the prosecutor and a judge. I read it because i saw Pastor Mathew anyway. And i believe your intention was to make sales by writing damaging piece about your own.

  2. Does anybody criticize Bill Gates for the salary he gets from his company or for expanding his vision? So why criticize Matthew Ashimolowo for being successful in his chosen field?

    1. A.T Adenekan, Bill Gates does not run a church. Church is a charitable organisation. I can’t stress this enough. Read the book of James in the bible. The whole of it. And then digest it. I’m sure you will understand why no pastor must use church money to carry out private business and then make more profit to pay himself such amount. Our priority sadly, is greed. Forgetting the poor among us. Remember, running a church is different from running a business. May our eyes be opened to know and follow what is true

  3. leave the man alone. he is a problem solver and his profile has risen in accordance with the level of problems he can solve.

  4. Please do not stop this man of GOD, if you want to stop him, ask him to stop living a righteous live. Do not mistake he is not alone. You can stop anyone but not a prying child of GOD. I and my school mates here in RUSSIA are blessed by GOD through pastor Matthew Ashimolowo’s messages and books. God bless.

  5. Man of God? He is a selfish greedy motivational speaker who is amassing millions for himself whilst his poor east London and Nigerian congregation are foolishly giving him their money.

    He is building a very expensive university in his own town in Nigeria and claims God told him to do this. So, God did not tell him to build orphanages, soup kitchens etc but an expensive univesity in his home town!

    He is going around in armoured hummers and flying around fist class’s whilst guilt tripping his congregation to tithe and give offerings only in his church. He claims to be a spiritual father and seemingly his ignorant congregation worship him.

    Only ignorant fools who do not read their Bibles are taken in by him. Only Acts 2 and 3 in the Bible depicts how church should be but you cannot say that his KICC congregation are not lacking. Only the selfish who want to be rich like him give him their money because he promises that by tithing and giving they will be rich. He is planning to buy private jes and he is untouchable, apparently.

    The British government found him guilty of fraud with the evidence widely made public. Whilst he privately admitted his guilt and greed and paid back the money he stole, he told hs ignorant congregation that his conviction was due to racism and the work of the Devil! His congregration’s did not look at the evidence or even ask him what happened but they defended him because he is supposedly a man of God, even if he is a self confessed one.

    I have been to his church in London and I can say he is so blinded by greed and money that he publicly misquotes the Bible. I have heard him say from the pulpit several times that his congregration’s only link to heaven’s wealth is their tithes! That is not in the scriptures. He may as well write his Own Bible. He burns CDs and DVDs of messages he preached and gets paid for in church and guilt his congregration’s into buying them for very expensive price tags. That is merchandising the gospel and against the scriptures.

    There are stories ageing about how he stole land in Nigeria!

    It’s only a matter of time before he sees the inside of a cumpolsorily confined space.

  6. It makes me sick how these haters think that a Pastor shouldn’t be paid in accordance to the work he is doing, a man of his intelligence, vision, and ambition, could easily be a top flight QC, Judge, or run a bluechip company and make more money than he’s alledge to be making now. So just because he’s a Pastor he shouldn’t be rewarded for his dedication, hard work and commitment to the work of the church? Please, Pastor Matthew is not my Pastor but I watch him regularly on KICC TV and I have had the chance to meet him and he is a good man. I wish there were more black men like him in the community, I hope he gets more money, more land and more success in 2013.

  7. I came to this country as a immigrant, worked on menial jobs near Liverpool station for years until when I came in contact with pastor Ashimolowo. I have gained stature and respect in this country following the principles of the bilble taught by pastor ashimolowo. You can criticise him all you like. Christians cannot make any difference to the world by wishful thinking. Other religious leader are exercising influence with the wealth in negative ways, but pastor matthew is making a positive diference in London, Africa and other parts of the world. My question to you is this: ought not this son of Abraham to proper?

  8. Thank you A.T.

    As long as the black man has decided never to read the bible and study it thse conterfeit teaches will always rape the people financilly.

    2 Peter 2 talks about these false teachers who privily shall bring damnable heresies distortingthe truth. This so called man of God is only there to motivate you to make him rich. This man did not die on the cross for you stop worshiping men and put your trust in the true God.

    These fifth generations churches are only there to rape you of the litlle money you have.

    Pleading with you to study your bibles and run far away from them

  9. Azubuike you a very stupide man to say all these bullshit from your deity mouth.
    cause no man that God anointed otherwise you will not see it to be good on your side.

    1. This is the problem with you church goers and worshippers of false gods called men of God. You are ready to kill anyone with contrary opinion to your false beliefs. How many houses did Jesus Christ build? Shine your eyes.

  10. When Jesus was on earth, he was poor, he rode on borrowed donkey, he asked for five loaf of bread and fish and really prayed for multiplicity to feed the thousand congregation before him.
    But in his teachings he said he has gone through all this so you and I would not have to anymore, he was poor ( though rich in the spirit) so that you can be rich
    The principle of God and his secreat are hidden to ordinary mind, God says give it shall be given to you, pastor Mathew must have given to God no man can stop his blessing unfortunately, as the principle of prosperity is grounded in his word.
    The widow who fed The man of God with the last food left for her and her child hoping to eat it and die, chose to give it out and probably die anyway as is just the last meal and nothing else after, but they never die but ended up with more than enough.
    Am not a member of his church,but a member of his kind of kingdom. Where you ask and it shall be given mathew7 vs 7. May be the man is just connecting with his name in the bible as quoted above. Leave him and pray for him.
    Even if he sins you can not or allowed or able to judge him no provision for the judges of this world( am talking spiritual now) to bring down a true man of God
    Where we’re the adversaries when he was paying the price?
    Live him else you begin to dry up.touch not his anointed and do no prophet any harm.

  11. Pastor, all will be well and fine. It’s nommer for a man of destiny to go through all what you are going through. Sir, you have all the grace you need to stand in all this. Keep moving sir, we are praying with you and for you. Kicc tv is connecting us with u in Nigeria, Ilorin. LOVE u sir.

  12. This man is god sent to librate us frm poverty.if a man preaches deliverance we critisie,prosperity d same,salvation we limiting God’s power.leave pastors alone.there re death in the pot

  13. YOU JUST SHUT YOUR MOUTH , that is my pastor your talking about, he’s not perfect and is flawed just like the rest of us. Do you think we are blind to what goes on. But he is still an anointed man of God who I still hold in very high regard, do you think its only one person who makes bad choices the church has it trustees who I think are more to blame.
    How dare you say he has puck hairstyle.
    Pastor Matthew is the most gentle kind men you will ever meet.
    Your article, profoundly inaccurate no more then gutter trash this is not journalism.

  14. Hey Kicc member, very christian of you! Wake up and smell the coffee! It’s all the wicked trustees fault is it?
    What about when your Pastor was buying time share apartments in Florida with the churches credit card.
    Change your church and save your soul!

  15. Come and experience the power of Jesus Christ. Its not about Pastor Matthew or any man but it is about God and how he sets his children free. Don’t give any money just come and get your life changing miracle. No laying of hands, Just God and You. If you really have a relationship with God surely the God you serve will tell you whether or not he is a fraud. Let God speak for himself. If Pastor is a fraud God will deal with him severely – If I were you I would be less worried about Pastor and more worried about what you are doing that you think no-one can see. Those of you have slandered and criticized Pastor Matthew – When God judges you (and he will) what will HE see?

  16. We will all be judged. But when God judges me and looks at my sins, using his name to enrich myself will not be one of them.

    Pointing out Ashimowolow’s hypocrisy to those who follow him is a duty. Whether those followers place their souls at risk by continuing to follow this man is their choice. But they have been warned!

  17. Zaha I owe you a sincere apology – May the Lord forgive me. I never realised that you were so close to Pastor Matthew. I have just realised that the only way you can be 100% positive that Pastor Matthew is guilty is for you to have been involved in what he has been accused of. You must have been involved all along and witnessed all of it. – surely this must be the case. Why did you not speak up in court or could it be that this is based on other people’s opinions and hearsay. Surely you fear God or would you be crazy enough to speak against a man of God based on hearsay and make your place in hell. May the Lord have mercy

  18. He hasn’t been dragged before a court yet. But that will soon change. Justice Akinyemi of Abeokuta High Court will be quizzing your ‘Man of God’ on his less than Christian land dealings in Ofada Town in Ogun State.
    Meanwhile the British authorities continue with their new investigation into the missing £5 million. Who knows, he may soon have his day in the Old Bailey

    Are you on the KICC payroll? What does this man have to do with God? Why do you ignore the the weight of evidence against this blasphemer, this apostate. He has jumped ship once turning his back on his religion of birth for the richer pickings to be had as a so called ‘Christian Man of God. Shame on him and shame on you for your foolishness.

  19. pasor Asimolowo is helping us to really understand the word of God. I enjoy watching winning ways despite the fact that i do’nt attend KICC. Lets forget the canal aspects of this man and let us focus on the spiritual aspects that is an inspiration from God. The British should go and sit down. Are they not helping our Nigerian leaders ( past & present ) to bank stolen money in coded secret account in their country ? They should go to pastor Ashimolowo for deliverance & forgiveness .

  20. Explain to me. How can a man whose behaviour is at such odds with the word of God teach us anything?

    As for stolen money “in coded secret accounts” has any Nigerian agency asked the British to seize theses accounts, as they did with Gadafi and his family?

    Ask Ashimolowo for deliverance and forgiveness! Madness!

  21. Zaha, i am not on the payroll – if the truth be known i am praying for you. Surely God is able to defend himself and does not need us to fight for him. He drowned the egyptians, made the ground swallow up his enemies and flung Satan out of Heaven. Do you not think for a moment If Pastor Matthew is a fraud and is guilty of all that you have said that God will not deal with him. I lose nothing as God will restore to me all that is mine as I serve a living God who is judge of all. But what if (lets just say for argument sake) you are wrong. You have publicly slandered a man of God without repentance. Think on this! If you were to die tonight and meet God and he asked you why your angry, would blaming Pastor Matthew would get you into heaven? The bible clearly says if you have iniquity in your heart the Lord will not hear you. Surely no man is worth your place in Heaven. If you want to continue slandering Pastor Matthew then that is your choice – but remember God holds EVERY MAN accountable for his words. Gbu

  22. I am surprised to see that you have conducted a trial and sentenced a man that is not even a suspect! You do not know or understand your work because it will be clear to any reader that you have not been able to hide your hatred and dislike for this man of God. Try and become the prime minister of the UK so that you can then easily press for a fast track prosecution or trial and then be able to sentence pastor Mathew Ashimolowo that prison inside your heart!

  23. If he is honest the Lord will bless him more, if he is dishonest as charged, The Lord will surely judge him. The entire matter is in God’s hands.

    As for building a university in his home town what is the problem with that???? Surely this can only be a blessing if he opens its gates to all those in the vicinity who wish to study and hopefully he will give those who cannot afford to pay fees but would dearly love to access further education, a big blessed chance.

    After all most politicians in the UK have put up further financial barriers to higher education preventing many young people from accessing a university education; so yes let him take God’s money to a place where building the university will have support rather than evil opposition.

    I suspect this entire case is more about a worried govt. watching the power of this man and populous-based of his church grow and grow. They never would have credited this to an African man let alone a man of God. The current leaders of this government are all about taking, they don’t care what happens to the mass population – who would have thought you would see hungry, even starving children and people in this country but this is what is happenning and its being covered up but thousands of people especially families are having to access foodbanks just to survive. I say “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone…” this government should be on their knees praying and repenting for the misery they are bringing on many hard working, honest good people on in the UK.

    What I can say is at least Pastor Ashimolowo is doing some good and trying to make a difference in this world of struggle and misery – which current political leader in the UK can you say that about?

    Wtih so much power comes responsibility and instead of tearing the man down, people should be praying for him to do better and even more blessed good work in the world. The man needs our support which should also include constructive criticism. Amen



  25. chimna – i bless God for you but ask you to read all the comments again!! and John praise God for your comments. We who have studied and had the privilege of having Pastor Matthew speak into our life know without a shadow of death that he is TRULY a man of God and no matter what anyone else believes – I know in my heart that my Pastor is innocent. If you ever took the time to hear him preach or even meet him in person you would know that he is a gentle , wonderful man of God. (who carries a special anointing and grace upon his life) If you don’t believe me then ASK GOD. Nothing you do or say will EVER stop what God is doing in his life – He will ALWAYS be a champion

  26. “my Pastor is innocent’ .Well, well, so you are on the pay roll. May I ask what your position is in this ‘Church?’

    Perhaps you could also show me examples of any works of charity the Kicc is involved in which doesn’t involve making a fast buck.

  27. Dan, I doubt that. Helped himself? Yes, helped others? Show me the evidence.

    Interesting to observe that of all those who race to defend Ashimowolo, not one person addresses any of his wrong doings .

    Beware of false prophets.

  28. Hope d writer is a xtian so he can pray 4 4giveness.if not he or she should ask miriam wat usually happen to pple like dem.ground open up and swallow them.dat won’t b ur portion in jesus name but repent and mind ur biz

  29. Victor, the writer is a Christian and is able to communicate ,unlike you, in in a recognisable language. Perhaps poor dim souls such as yourself should look at the teachings of Our Lord, (or in your case get some one to read them slowly to you) and ask if your Pastors conduct and personal life reflects those teachings.

    You really need to do this. By blindly following this creature and ignoring the evidence before you, you are placing your soul in peril.

  30. @Wilfred Zaha: What kind of person are you? Illiterate, regardless of the little education you got? Or plainly just stupid and ignorant? How can you condemn someone when you have not heard his side of the story? You are relying on information gathered from an online medium to crucify someone who has devoted over 40 years of his life to the gospel. Foolish people like you crucified Jesus Christ on flimsy and unsubstantiated allegations. If you can think, do so for a moment. You think if Ashimolowo is as bad as he is painted, the British authorities would not have pounced on him? Stupid people like you just believe the rubbish that is fed to them by your colleagues. A wise man will never condemn (I didn’t say NEVER CRITICISE, if you know the difference) another person, without hearing him out. It is a basic principle of the law of fair hearing, that a person is never condemned unheard. As a Lawyer, living in the UK, I know that the Charity Commission has immense regulatory powers over KICC and any suspicion of fraud is dealt with legally. I am not joining issues with foolish and ignorant people like you, I am only hoping that your brain will start to function after reading this.

  31. Who are you to judge the servant of another? To his own master he stands or falls; and stand he will, for the Lord is able to make him stand.

  32. You, a solicitor? I think not.

    Fact. The KICC are under investigation for a second time by the Charity Commission who are trying to ascertain exactly where the missing £5 million went, after it left the hands of a former footballer who was also a junior pastor of the church. The investigation is ongoing. You will off course be familiar with the first investigation, the Florida time share purchased with the Churches credit card, the gift of the Mercedes, Ashimowolo being instructed by the Charity Commission to return over £200k to Church and the management of the Church being placed in the hands of independent trustees. Then there is the question of the of the transfer of funds from the church overseas also identified by the Commission. It goes on and on.

    The majority of Charities in the UK rarely have any direct contact with The Charity Commission. The Kicc has had two detailed and damming investigations. But of course you know all this don’t you? After all you’re a Solicitor, aren’t you?

    Apart from using the Lords name to fleece the gullible and enrich himself, the thing which really annoys me is the damage this causes to the standing of decent, honest, hardworking Nigerians in London.

  33. @Wilfred Zaha: I just think you have personal issues with the Pastor and that has completely and absolutely clouded your ability to reason objectively. If as you claimed, the investigations were ‘damning’, why was criminal action not taken against him? If you knew that ‘the management of the church has been placed in the hands of independent trustees’, why are you accusing Pastor Matthew of misappropriation of the £5m? Are you not contradicting yourself? In fact, the first investigation, which you called ‘damning’ was condemned by Lord Swinfen in the House of Lords, as a total waste of KICC’s funds by the Charity Commission! Over £1.2million was spent by the Commission and reasonable people have found that the Commission’s Report was written to justify its total waste of KICC’s funds. Of course, there were some laxities in management at the time, which were corrected, but then, who is perfect? Are you? Charity Commission spent £1.2m, and asked Pastor Matthew to pay back £200,000. So who is fooling who?
    When you say Pastor Matthew is using the Lords name to fleece the gullible and enrich himself, then I confirmed that you are an ignoramus. Because if independent Trustees (who are highly qualified in their field, and are responsible to the Charity Commission for church funds) are running the charity, how could Pastor Matthew have access to church funds, to therefore fleece the gullible? You are the gullible, not majority of members of KICC who give to the charity, not Pastor Matthew, because they love the Lord and give because they wish to do so.
    KICC has just moved into a beautiful location in Kent, which was bought for less than a quarter of its true Market value, you will not see any good thing to say about that. Regardless, the church of the Lord is marching on. Detractors like you can hand their heads in shame!

  34. Hello Anthony,

    I wondered were you have been. I now see. Scouring the internet for snippets of information. If you ever wish to pursue a career in Law, who knows, perhaps one day even becoming an articled clerk, you will have to be a lot more rigorous in your research and develop an understanding of the social, legal and political environment in which you claim to live.

    Let’s be clear. Ashimowolo is head of the KICC. The buck stops with him. He may try and fob of his sins and the irregularatories that shroud the KICC, on his trustees, who he appointed after the Charity Commission had withdrawn their appointees after the first scandal, or the KICC Chief Executive , a mysterious Englishman who he also appointed and who runs the KICC’s financial affairs but he is in charge of the Babylon that is the KICC.

    He also appointed the former footballer Richard Rufus as his special advisor on property matters and made him a trustee. It was Rufus, presenting himself as an investment specialist, who was entrusted with investing the £5 million. That money disappeared and the Charity Commission are still trying to find out where it went. Remember, thanks to the benefits of the UK Governments ‘Gift Aid Scheme’, the KICC’s income from tithes, is matched by funds from the hard pressed British tax payer.

    Lord Swinfen’s criticism of the first Charity Commission investigation (I note you do not question any of the findings of that investigation) is one of a number of criticisms of the Commission he has made over the years . His criticism stopped after he was made aware of the extent of the Commissions findings.

    The facts are that the Commission acted on only a fraction of what they uncovered during the first investigation. I understand there is half a shipping container full of documents the Commission reviewed but did not refer to in their first investigation.

    You ask, not unreasonably, why all this has not resulted in legal action. By asking that question you show a complete ignorance of the subtleties of politics and administration in the UK. The Charity Commission is a small, understaffed ‘QUANGO’ (look it up). They are averse to controversy, particularly when it involves a religious charity which is draws it’s followers exclusively from West Africa. They are sensitive to being accused of racism, a sensitivity that the KICC played on during the first investigation. Consequently, they acted on only a fraction of what they uncovered during the investigation.

    As for the KICC’s activities in the UK property market, the reason they acquire property so cheaply is that they do not have planning permission to legitimately use it for any of the activities they undertake . Yet another case of the KICC flouting the law and threatening social cohesion. They have done the same in South London by acquiring an important community building they are unable to use as a place of worship. Rather than sell it to those who can bring it into socially beneficial use, they have told the local community that they would rather leave it empty and let it rot. How very Christian.

    You really need to careful about insulting better educated and informed people who try to point out the true nature of the KICC to you. Whether or not you choose to ignore this information and place your soul in peril by continuing to follow these charlatans, in the hope of deriving some personal benefit, is your choice. But you have been warned.

  35. my reply is particularly to Azubuike (who wrote on the 26 Dec) and all who think like him. His criticism is nothing short of a hater’s tongue. I would like to see Azubuike’s fruits as he claims to be more righteous and NOT as ignorant as pastor Matthew’s congregation. As pastor always says, that, it is small people who try to belittle big ones and this one is mine: the person at the bottom rung of the ladder is always trying to pull the one above him down – that is exactly what Azubuike is doing. We the “ignorant congregants – not to mention masses of people across the world are being blessed massively” It does not matter what you think or even say, my advice to you is to focus on your calling – if you know it anyway.

  36. @Wilfred Zaha: Now I know that you are a big joker! Of course, no one should take your comments seriously. You are better educated than me? Not in a million years, with all your typographical and grammatical errors. For your information, I have been fully qualified and enrolled 20 years, this year, with a PG Degree in Law. Though I am aware that as you have been deluded and clouded by your hatred, even if I were to show you the original of my Enrolment and Practising Certs, you will still query them.
    However, I am concerned about all the inaccuracies in your comments.
    Suddenly, It does not matter any more that ‘the management of the charity was placed in the hands of independent trustees’. The buck stops at his desk, the trustees are no longer relevant, is n’t? And the mysterious White man, who is he? James Mc’Glashan is the COO, not CEO. The Director of Finance and Compliance is not a White man, so where are you getting all these erroneous ‘facts’ from?
    Are you even aware that close to £2M has been returned to the Charity, out of the invested funds?
    Your theory on CC is a brilliant attempt at subterfuge. Why would a Regulator uncover damning evidence and chose to bury them, to avoid being classified as racist. You don’t know what you are saying. That will never happen in the UK. The CC were all out to justify to the Government and British taxpayers performance and capability. They are not involved in playing politics with their assignment. In fact, they have a duty to involve prosecuting authorities if they were to uncover fraud during any of their investigations. They never did. Because the fact that time-shares were purchased with the charities credit card does not automatically equate to a crime. There was no intention to do so fraudulently, there was no cover-up or deception or an intention to steal. Try to understand that, if you can. That the CC is a small understaffed ‘Quango’ is the lamest excuse I have ever heard in my entire life. Are they involved in prosecuting cases? What are the CPS there for?
    Man, you just don’t have valid reasons to support your prejudicial stance. One day I am sure you will wake up and realise that you have been mistaken all along. I am inviting you to join us for IGOC at Prayer City, starting Wednesday. I can promise you that God will touch your heart and and set you free for ever!

  37. “I am inviting you to join us for IGOC at Prayer City, starting Wednesday. I can promise you that God will touch your heart and and set you free for ever!”

    And there we have it. Yet anorther bufoon, slavering to earn some advacement in the Ponzi scheme that is the KICC.

    Better educated than you? Of Course I am. Anyone looking at your posts can see that.Name the University you attended. You are yet another wanabee who, in lieu of education, talent, or proffessional, accomplishement, hope that brown nossing a “Man of God” will earn you some social and economic advancement you simply do not deserve. London is full of your type, dragging the rest of us down. Post your accreditation number my little clerk.

    You are wrong about Mcglashan. Any fool can see from the KICC’s that he runs the show and that the current trustees are little more than stooges and self seekers desperate for some recognition and legitimacy from the British establishment

    Why do you avoid addresing the KIcc’s recent problems? The loss of £5 Million handed to a a footballer who was unqualified to handle these insvetments. Where is the money?

    Ahmed Ashimowolow’s liberal use of the Churches credit card did not become a crime becuase he re-paid what he had spent when the Charity Commission instructed him to. Otherwise the crook would have had his collar felt as he is about to have done back home.

    Meanwhile his wife continues to roll around London spending the Churches funds, as a quid pro quo for Ahmed’s “playing away from home”, although I understand his weight and diabetes problems are slowing him down a bit. Never mind, I’m sure he’s keeping Pfizer’s profits ‘up’.

    I”ll tell you what, if I come along to the IGOC, how much will it cost me? Can you tell me what good deeds the Kicc’s income (matched by ‘gift aid’ from the hard pressed British Taxpayer) will be spent on?

    I have a bet with friends that the way things are going back home, it is only a matter of time before Matthew/Ahmed jumps ship again. What will you do then? Shout Allah Akbar?

  38. And after reading your last post it is clear that English is not your first language.

    Yet another KICC dupe avoiding the facts.

  39. @Wilfred Zaha: The devil certainly is in possession of your mind and your life! ‘Judge not, that you be not judged. For with what judgement you judge, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured back to you.’ If you have any common-sense, you will be praying for forgiveness right now, for when the judgement of God strikes you, those who don’t know you will cry for you. Remember, regardless of King Saul’s evil attempts to annihilate David, so that he would not become King, David refused to lay his hands on God’s anointed one, even when he had an excellent chance to finish Saul off. Carry on if you like, your time is near.

  40. @Zara, u gotta be mindful of d way u address an anointed man of God , no matter ur emotion , lock it up; God called him, let him be answerable to d only true God. Bitterness has got an ample grip of ur rationality and ur heart saunters in d cesspool of souls diagnosed of precocious senility. What”s ur case with pastor Mathew? All men in their best state are but men. your so called mohammed, wasn’t he a philanderer? I know low -lives like u, u keep heaping curses for ur generations unborn with your loose tongue.
    Even if a brother falls, u raise and not trample death. MIND UR TONGUE. u v always had a problem with people close to u and u lost 2 of ur dearest relationships 2 bad temper, suspicion and being caustic. Even right now, u ain;t in gud terms with ur loved ones. Pastor ain;t in ur class. mind yasef!

  41. Yes but which one? In all that gibberish there is not a single attempt to challenge any of the wrongdoings of the KICC or its Senior Pastor. As for Mohamed being a philanderer, that’s something else Ashimololwol shares with him, along with the same religion.

  42. All men are fallible,charity is yours to give. some people withstood moses and were blessed with leprosy. I pity your existence. Face your life and tape your dysentric mouth.

  43. Now, now watch your manners boy. Little less of the of the manufactured religious quotes and a few more answers to my questions please.

    Don’t bother pitying my existence. It’s clearly a lot better than yours. I haven’t sought to improve my lot by following blasphemers and charlatans.

  44. Dear Wilfred, I have been following you careful and have come to conclude that you know exactly what you are talking about, Ashimolowo has to beg God for forgiveness and resign as a pastor, he is a disgrace to the body of Christ. There are many of them back home in Nigeria, we are praying everyday that God almighty will expose them and to also open the eyes of their blind followers.

  45. News of the people mag.why did you delight in seeing to the downfall of any man of God,why can’t you see something beneficial to write about?We the followers are not complaining so keep your little & loud complaints & cloudy write-ups

  46. Pastor mathew is never like other pastor’s in the world,I want to inform the british gov’t that any one that fights a Man of God is directly fighting God.remember the scripture says it is a fearfull thing to fall into the hand of the living God.please know this and never make yourself’s a vessel to be used of the devil in the falling of this great,gaigantic,monumental,agidigbatious ministry of this great man of God please!the lord bless you.

  47. Wilfred Zaha,

    I just want to apologize for defending this charlatan. A few months on, I actually can see what a ponzi scheme he’s running now. I’ve also gone through a long process where I’ve now actually become an atheist. Yeah, so sorry for calling you a fool – although I can’t really decipher why you made the assertion that English isn’t my first language. Lol, it is 🙂

  48. @Azubuike, on December 26th, 2012 at 9:12 am Said:
    He is building a very expensive university in his own town in Nigeria . There are stories ageing about how he stole land in Nigeria!

    My comment: Azubike, so people can steal land in Nigeria up to 500 acres to build a University? Anyway he builds the university in my home town and there is no protest from any ward/units that he stole lands. in anything that we say or do ignorantly, let us all the time ask for forgiveness. That is what I do myself- ask for forgiveness.
    Matthew 13:30 “Let weeds and wheat both grow together until the harvest time. At that time I will tell the harvesters: First collect the weeds and tie them in bundles to be burned; then gather the wheat and bring it into my barn.'”
    It is Jesus Christ who would give instructions to the harvesters.
    God be with us. Amen

    Parallel Verses

    New International Version

  49. Past Mathew, don’t have time to throw back the stones the British Govt thrown at you, rather. gather them to build more. they can never like any black man. shame on them if a black man like you can transform their land to the glory of God hence they still jealous you.

  50. wow. it’s so amazing that the British government is afraid of a black man. you are only writing all of these out of envy. Pastor Matthew is a man of God called to liberate God’s people from poverty. I’m not a member but right now I’m making a decision to join the Church so I can also have financial freedom. better come let’s go to church.

  51. I see. So all this is happening because the British authorities are racist. I’m glad we have cleared that up. Perhaps one of you can explain why Ashimolowo is in trouble with the Nigerian courts.

    @ Hope. Ashimolowo has certainly liberated himself from poverty. He has also liberated his followers from their wallets. But never mind, because that won’t concern you. You don’t seem to be concerned God and his teachings either. You the first man I’ve heard of who wants to join a church for ‘financial freedom’ . Why don’t you try getting a job?

  52. Everybody here defending Ashimolowo or other Fraudsters like him are the biggest fool on earth! the problem is not the pastors…the problem are the foolish people that follow this pastor. this is why only in NIGERIA you can find these kind of religious scams… because in other part of the world people actually read bible and not blindly following these greedy pastors who only interpret the bible to their own selfish interest

    I have been to a church recently in NIGERIA where the whole sunday preaching is all about paying tithe and offerings…there are other important things in the bible to preach about, why giving offerings and paying tithe is the only way to heaven in Nigerian churches?

    Why these pastors don’t preach about helping others who are in need, why don’t they encourage their church members to give to charity, or pay their tithe to other charitable causes…but only giving to their church and church only.. (thieves)

    when has paying tithe or sowing a large seed (MONEY) becomes solution to every request you make with GOD? God doesn’t need your seed to answer your prayers and nowhere in the bible you can find that…its free

    there are more churches in Lagos than hospitals or schools, each street has minimum 5 – 10 churches I actually counted up to 10 churches in one street…and now that is becoming a competition why everybody suddenly want to set up their church all because they see how much money can be made from it.

    The fools here defending pastor saying let God judge them??? how will God Judge them? did God force you idiots to give them their money?? you should be the one judging them not GOD, live God out of this church business…its your hard earn money you have the right to ask questions and that is why these pastors are getting richer why you are getting poorer and consoling yourself that GOD will judge them? has GOD come back to the world since Jesus left??

    For Christ sake save yourself, be logical and be smart..the fact are there, this pastor is labelled as fraud, 419 who scams the church followers and the evidence is right infront of you, you can read all the accusation regarding ashimolowo on Wikipedia or other sites

    these pastors will continue to feed on your ignorance until people became wise and reason on their own maybe in 200 years …till them keep waiting on GOD’s judgement and I don’t know who told you they are chosen by God when they chose themselves..

  53. the days are gone when tabloids can use sensational headlines to make private gains. Mathew ashimolowo is not a “ghost” but a human being that people can see and relate to. those who have met , watch and researched his operations know that your story is just a wishful thinking, In ashimolowo you have a Man of God with incredible understanding of money and how to invest it. am persuaded if he leaves London today with one jacket and his bible , meet him anywhere in the next five years time , he will still be surrounded by abundance, HE KNOWS the principle of growing wealth without stealing. if journalism ain;t paying your bills look for another job.

  54. The Bible warns us that its only God that judges Kings and Bishops. I believe we should leave these men to Him. They know they have taken such an important post with great responsibility on their shoulders and God does not take His work lightly. They know what they are risking or doing on His behalf. The consequences either way is great.

  55. The Bible teaches us that God delights in the prosperity of his children…It also says that it is God that gives us the ability to create wealth and that Jesus came that we might have life and that more abundantly…just in case you never read the Bible for yourself…lol
    and read about King Solomon…how his servants were dressed. may the Lord continue to bless this Pastor…you should take time and learn from him some of God,s economic and financial principles.

  56. The Lord said it will bless those who love me beyond expectations of man. Jerusalem while on earth though.was poor promised that those who love him would be prosperous. It’s criticise a man of God
    God has blessed. And as you can see here uses it.for many.good things.evident by the various charitable ventures the university itself helps nigeria. Do u know how many don’t have admission. He builds boreholes in every village he passes through given water to the people. The south called hundred million sky crater.he has employs thousands giving more than 200 million worth back to the people. Tell me of course God has blessed and will continue to bless him. The Lord has said the path to know him is faced with trials. The devil.would use any means to destroy the people. do not let the devil use you. God has said do not curse whom I have not curse. Moreover God has said do not judge. And yet you do.and you wonder why you are not as blessed as him. Give and more would be given unto you. Live in accordance to his word and he would give more than you can ever imagine. After all if he disobeys the Lord the Lord himself would cut him off. All these are just trials and instruments to lead people including you who.believes the accusations. Astray. may God bless pastor matthew ashimolowo. Amen
    I am not a member his church but I am a Nigerian and.this man is simply a good and Godly man.

  57. Even if you walk one waters, anyone that hates you wollsay it because you canncannot swim. If his church congregation give their tithes and offerings…so let it be between him and God.

  58. I’m only privileged to read through these now and the comments. I simply will add that there is what is called ‘The Freedom of Information Act 2000’ which provides public access to information held by public authorities. It does this in two ways: public authorities are obliged to publish certain information about their activities; and members of the public are entitled to request information from public authorities.

    So if anyone need to know truth, all they need to do is request from the right authorities (Charity Commission in this case) for information and I’m sure they will get something. What I detest is ignorance…… We are not called to ignorance as Christians and in fact ignorance may constitute sin (please read the word ‘may’….). There are to many ignorant Christians.

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