2019: I’m resolved to take Lagos commonwealth back to people ― Salis, AD gov candidate

GOVERNORSHIP candidate of Lagos State chapter of Alliance for Democracy (AD), Mr Owolabi Salis, said on Monday that he is resolved alongside other like-minds in other political parties, civil society groups and people at the grassroots to take Lagos commonwealth back to the people, in what he termed a fight of “The people vs The Individual.”

Salis said this while speaking with newsmen on the theme, “Protecting the Commonwealth of Lagos and Stopping Imposition and Systemic Slavery in Lagos.”

The AD governorship candidate, who said he already had the support of another platform called “Star Alliance,” which he is also standing for as its candidate in the 2019 poll, decried a situation where Lagos commonwealth was being controlled by an individual and, therefore, living the destiny of many particularly, the youth in the state derailed.

According to him, “Star Alliance is a Lagos Coalition Movement (limited to Lagos), to take back Lagos commonwealth (what belongs to you and me) from the control of an individual and give it back to the people.

“It is comprised of representatives of the grassroots and credible people of APC, the grassroots and credible people of PDP and AD Other political parties, include APGA formed by Igbo leaders, UPP, Accord, among others.”

“Also represented in the Star Alliance are representatives of civil societies, unions and cultural institutions. This is a Lagos based coalition force to rescue the grassroots people of Lagos State from the holds of systemic slavery and corrupt leadership,” he added.

Salis, while noting that there were many imposed stooges in the government in today’s Lagos, who must not only sing praises of the individual but also make returns by sharing of the commonwealth allocations, said the danger of such was evident in the grassroots and neighbourhood that were so decayed because the commonwealth was not being used for the people.

He said it was “right time to rescue the grassroots people of Lagos from slavery, corruption, imposition, stooge making, deception and oppression,” as things could no longer be allowed to continue their decay form.

The AD governorship candidate, who is a key member NADECO abroad, said he would, come 2019 if voted into office, work towards taking back Lagos commonwealth to all Lagosians and for their benefit and also put a stop to imposition, exploitation and stooge making in Lagos politics, while equally improve on the wellbeing of the less privileged in the state.

He also listed other set goals to include: “To assist our youths that are being systematically enslaved by using them for violence and miscreancy while the leaders’ children are living in comfort; to reform and empower these youths and to lead them to better life and family values.

“To bring back values to our culture and traditions. To bring back respect and professionalism to the police and other security agencies in Lagos.

“To bring back the culture of excellence and enterprising attitudes to the civil service. To promote the independence of the judiciary in Lagos and encourage judicial decisions to advance the political and social-economic interests of people of Lagos State.

“To challenge all forms of systemic slavery, exploitation of the less privileged and corruption in Lagos.

“To do all that is necessary within the bounds of the law to advance the wellbeing of the grassroots and the less privileged in Lagos.”

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