​Lagos tech community debates “Open Yaba Manifesto”

Stakeholders in the Yaba technology cluster in the Nigerian city of Lagos are coming together to develop an Open Yaba Manifesto they hope will promote the future development of the cluster.
The Yaba technology cluster has developed relatively organically in the last few years, around key organisations such as the Co-Creation Hub (CcHub). The community is not working on an initiative that will further develop the Yaba tech scene.
A “Yaba Townhall” took place on June 23 at CcHub, identifying seven different objectives as the main articles of the future manifesto. They are Culture, Infrastructure, Funding, Talent, Policy Creation, Yaba As A Test Bed For A Smart City, and Research and Development.
The Yaba community is now being encouraged to come together to develop a coherent roadmap for the tech cluster, taking place on the Radar entrepreneurial forum. Deliberations of each pillar are being led by key Yaba stakeholders, such as the likes of Mark Essien, Olufunbi Falayi and Gbenga Sesan, and will then be grouped in a dedicated Yaba Manifesto category.
The Open Yaba Manifesto will be discussed over the next month, while a website will be built to house the completed manifesto.

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