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​Lagos Hospital Deserted Over Monkey Pox Scare

Many patients hurriedly left the Lagos State owned Ifako-Ijaiye General Hospital on Wednesday because of two patients suspected to have monkey pox admitted in the hospital.

The patients who had pox all over their bodies were rushed to the hospital on Wednesday morning and doctors have been attending to them to see how their ailments can be treated.

The patients who deserted the hospital were said to have gotten the information of their admission in the hospital and fled the health facility because rooms to quarantine them were not available at the time of their admission.
It was further gathered that their blood samples were taken and sent to the Lagos University Teaching Hospital LUTH.
an eye witness said, “Two patients with black spots came to the hospital on Wednesday morning.
“One of them who was a young middle aged man was seen limping with his face riddles with black spots. The man proved stubborn initially but had been taken to the place set aside to quarantine monkey pox patients in Lagos state.
“Another tall bespectacled man was seen with white substances rubbed on his face.”
Speaking with one of the nurses at the hospital on condition of anonymity, she said the two patient’s blood samples have been sent to LUTH to confirm the disease.
She said efforts are being made to track their neighbours and house mates to test them for the infection.

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