​​NASFAT cautions against inflammatory, divisive remarks

Member, Board of Trustees, Nasrul-Lahi-L-Fathi Society, Alhaji Mushodiq Kosemani (left); Vice Chairman, Council of Elders; Alhaji Remi Bello; President, Alhaji Kamil Bolarinwa; members, Council of Elders, Alhaji Alade Rufai; Alhaji Ademola Rufai and Vice President, Alhaji Ayodeji Abdul Rauf with other worshipers during the 2017 NASFAT Eid-el-Fitr prayer session at Ikeja GRA, Lagos.
The Nasrul-Lahi-Fatih Society of Nigeria (NASFAT) has urged Nigerians to refrain from hate speeches and live in unity and peace.
Its President, Kamil Bolarinwa, in a correspondence to felicitate with Muslims on the occasion of this year’s Eid-el-Fitr, said: “ The Muslim Ummah in the last 29-30 days have abstained from everything considered evil not by force but because we believe in Allah. We should ensure that we keep away from those evil things and our society will be better for us all.”
He continued: ”We should avoid careless talks, hate speeches and love our neighbours for a peaceful society.” The group’s Acting Chief Missioner, Imam Muhammad Moruf Onike, stressed peace and unity in the country, warning that inflammatory and divisive remarks were capable of instigating disaffection in the land.
He noted: “Our voluntary activities remain, the five daily prayers remain, the six day of fasting in the month of Shawwal remains, the voluntary fasting remains, the love and unity that Islam preaches remain, and good deeds which Islam emphasizes still remain with us.
“If you say Ramadan has gone, the act of piety, and uprightness that Islam preaches still remains with us.
“Don’t forget that we have one month of Ramadan in a year and we still have 11 months in which we have to do things we are expected to do as Muslims, spiritually, socially, psychologically, medically within the family and the society.”

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