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​​Lagos Reads Riot Act To Residents Over Hoax Emergency Calls

Lagos State government has threatened to prosecute residents who make hoax telephone calls to its emergency lines.
The commissioner for Special Duties and Inter-governmental Relations, Mr Oluseye Oladejo,  dangled the axe at the weekend in a press briefing on the state government emergency disaster preparedness summit themed, ‘Promoting and sustaining integrated response to emergencies within the golden hour’.
He lamented that making false emergency calls divert emergency officers from real disasters that they needed to attend to aside putting the officers under pressure.
Oladejo said, “There are consequences for making false calls and the State Government will not fail to punish any person apprehended for making false emergency calls.”
The commissioner said it was to ensure better response to emergency issues through being highly prepared is the reason it is holding the third edition of its emergency disaster preparedness summit.
He added that the state government will continue to improve the capacity and capabilities of its personnel because it responders needed to respond with a difference and on time.
“To prepare for the challenges associated with sustainable preparedness, there is the need to understand the nature and causes of emergency situations and disasters.
“As a government that is committed to safety and well being of Lagosians, this administration has set these two days aside to plan, partner and share experiences with governments and organisations to ensure that the capability improvement process is strengthened.
“Upholding this commitment however requires collaboration among stakeholders in order to increase our level of preparedness and response whenever disaster strikes.”

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